Golf’s 2017 Best & New IRONS

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The best new irons for the 2017 golf season include new technologies, better materials, and advanced performance to help you feel more confident, dial in your needs, and lower your scores! And to save money, use the equipment Value Guide on to get money back for your old irons to help purchase new ones!


Billy DeGroot says:

Where are the pxg irons because they're better than all of the other irons except the mizuno irons possibly

VXx2K says:

Srixon best looking

rajnesh chaturvedi says:

how much does it cost for just cutting a metal in that shape …. they all all over prised…manufacturing will cost less then $40.00 for them.

golf raven says:

Missing the Bridgestones Tour B irons. I would put those right up with the big boys.

Jon Robbins says:

what? No Nike?

Wisconsin Golf says:

Just get custom fit

Jpgundarun says:

Why is Sean Foley selling Srixon irons?????

Derek1224 says:

Most of those "new for 2017" irons were available last year….

G. H. says:

The Muscle Back, Cavity Back irons owe their existence to the last company mentioned in this vid. As for looks, I like Srixon. They're clean, with this top line.

Monica Blancet says:

playing tomorrow and will get 3 !

LEON & GOLF. says:

I you like this you will get a hole in one !

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