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Steve King says:

Can we know the date when Hogan did this lesson? ie.. the year and day???

James Horan says:

1:59 to 2:05 What other people find in art museums………

g scribling says:

Mo couldn’t have said it more clearly. “The first move is straight down.
The club moves farther behind my back.” That flattens the shaft and
pushes the clubhead behind the right shoulder and down. It’s like if the
club suddenly got very heavy at the head – too heavy for you to hold up.
It would fall to the ground and you’d have to drag it around to the ball.
This is the same feeling. When you let the clubhead drop lower, without
pulling it around, your right elbow has to bend and tuck. The same move
Hogan told us about. Like Mo illustrated it’ll feel like you’re
approaching the ball with the club upside down and backward because the
clubhead has dropped. Try lowering the club to the ground behind you from
the top of the backswing, now turn until the clubhead reaches the ball.
The only thing needed now is a slight rotation of the hands to square the
clubface and that happens without conscious effort. Now try the opposite,
from the top of the backswing rotate the arms and wrists to bring the club
up and over your head toward the ground. The clubface will be backward –
facing you – there’s no way to strike a ball from this position no matter
how you rotate your body. So, it’s clear which way the club needs to move
from the top of the backswing to strike a ball. Although, it feels like
it’s moving in the wrong direction at first you’ll soon realize it’s not.
Once the clubhead nears the level of your hands you can turn the body
through, dragging the club and let it fly out to strike the ball.
Relaxation in the hands and forearms is what’s needed instead of muscular
control. Engineering and physics causes the club to turn over and strike
the ball not timing or effort. We’re only pulling the club around on an
imaginary hoop to the left and letting it fall, fly out, turn over … the
only effort we exert is to the left in a circular motion. 

Paul Williamson says:

‘If you don’t mind!!!!, Ben Hogan…quality and humble..

Nick Hough says:

1.27 – Hogan’s grip is alot stronger in this video, than the images in his
five fundamentals of golf!

General Knoxx says:

lee Trevino thinks the ball climbs up the groves
the guy who owns moe’s vid usually copywrights all unauthirised copies

mori1912 says:

Great set of clips. Trevino is my guy. Found his book and it’s now my golf
bible. I lack the flexibility to make a swing like hogan, but a Trevino
push, that I can do! 

Rob W says:

i hate moe normans swing pure ugly

David Grundy says:

As Tiger said – two people who owned their swing. Hogan and moe Norman.
Other guys would stop to watch Moe hit balls!

zwiguy9494 says:

moe norman is god

sandman4224 says:

Perfect :)

027JOEJOE says:

Greatest Lessons

ken kaser says:

Enough said! Wonderful info…

Ball Striker says:

Feeling of greatness, lol.

TXchadTX says:

I love hearing Trevino talk about the swing. Guy’s so intense and

Jeremy Wilson says:

Thanks for making this!!

John M says:


mbrownie22 says:

Great stuff, 3 of the greatest ball strikers in history, thanks

rabbitmanish says:

Hey Christo, check out this video where Luke Donald explains his new swing
changes. I am sure I spot a few Hogan moves in there

Mox_au says:

have to know where that lee trevino clip comes from, where he’s talking
about the last three fingers

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