Golf's New Rules (2019): Caddies Standing Behind Player to Help Lining Up

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Sloe Bone says:

It makes me wonder, if your caddy or partner happens to be standing directly behind you when you begin to take your stance, is that instantly a penalty? The way it’s shown here, it sounds like it is. I guess they make a distinction between standing there and “deliberately” standing there. Can I no longer get a read off my partner on the greens? Why not just say your caddy can’t line you up. Where you’re standing isn’t the issue.

Can you align your partner during a practice swing then step away as they move a few inches into their actual address position?

Sloe Bone says:

Finally, a rule that’s really going to simplify and revolutionize the game. I know my caddy will be disappointed, yours probably will be too, but it really is a rule the everyday golfers have longed for.

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