Golf's Not Hard with Tiger Woods Collection (Nike Shoe Commercials)

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This video is a collection of four TV commercials Tiger Woods did for Nike in 1997. The series was called “Golf's Not Hard” and the comedy was based on the fact that Tiger is really, really, really good at golf, while the rest of of … aren't. So Tiger demonstrated things that were easy for him (How to Hit a 300-Yard Bunker Shot, for example) but not for any of us.

There are four commercials in this collection. The first one shows Woods demonstrating a unique (and dangerous, for fans) way to fix a slice. The second one deals with tee height, the third one with fairway bunkers.

We saved the best for last. The last of the four commercials shows Tiger Woods demonstrating just how simple the golf swing really is … except that it isn't, and by the end of the commercial our heads are spinning as Tiger talks about increasingly arcane swing theories.

Nike's “Golf's Not Hard with Tiger Woods” series of commercials were released to promote Nike's first golf shoe to carry Tiger's name, the 1997 Air Zoom TW golf shoes.

And Nike still makes Tiger Woods (or TW) branded golf shoes today:

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Choufornow Productions says:

They should remake these commercials.

deanflynn83 says:

2019 Masters Champion!!

Teirdalin says:

In the first commercial, my brother was the kid in the red shirt on the right. He said they had a second part with him grabbing a piece of cardboard off someones head and going "Cool!" but was cut for time as they wanted to keep it under 30 seconds.
Fun Fact: My brother says Tiger Woods had McDonalds flown in for him that day on the golf course.

Chris says:

2018 , and Tiger Woods is watching this video in an attempt to fix his broken game.

Nicole S says:

pass fail system . ankle knee, shoulder, wrist, training day .1 point *.

Gomez_ TooRaw says:

Lmfao ???

Strikerage says:

It's that easy, folks.

Oh….. and keep your pants on. ?

34th RLight says:

What a great swing. Jeez.

TheBigBison says:

That wink fucking kills me every time??

BJ12578 says:

i saw nothing about shoes??? lol

Me Too says:

That first one had me rollin

FaceValue says:

Dumb question… but was his shot through that gallery real or fake? I'm actually questioning this only because I'm sure he can really do it in real life…

Robert Kelly’ says:

My golf team league name is Tigers Wood

Jackson B says:

“Reminding you that we can all be better.”

Jpgundarun says:

These are gold, LMFAO.

John Grams says:

His swing was the best back then

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