GolfWRX: Adams Golf from the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day

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cwarring2 says:

The XTD 3 wood is a long club but I had to have it sent back to Adams 3 times because the weights kept falling out. Glad to see the next Gen XTD woods will have the weights inside the club and not glued in head…

JCHangtime says:

I hit the 2012 XTD fairway wood & 2012 XTD super hybrid at a demo day. Both of these clubs were very easy to hit. it was easy to work the ball with both. The XTD super hybrid seemed like it had very slightly fade bias maybe because of the low torque shaft. It went dead straight when I would sweep it off the ground. When I went to hit a draw it had a small draw which is a good thing. I shoot around par & my lowest scores are 63 on a par 72 course.

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