GolfWRX Tech Talk: TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons

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Johnjayhawk83 says:

Just got 4-PW of the Tour version for only $577 on Ebay! Got a little lucky
because the seller had to leave town so he had to end the bidding early. 🙂
Love these irons!

MegaHondel says:

The tour version has decent lofts. I don’t think you can improve a player’s
iron that much without making the shafts longer or the lofts stronger. They
haven’t in the last 15 years or so, so why now?

Paul Winnie says:

this video is very awkward

Michael Peterson says:

If your going to call the club RocketBladez…. Please make them BLADE
irons. and your getting more distance because the lofts your so strong your
hitting basically 6 against someones 7 yeah your getting a full iron out of
it. You have got to hand it to TM though, their marketing techniques are
amazing. Either way i want to hit them and can’t wait.

Bernard Sheridan says:

This is a great club. You can work the ball with the Tour model. Taylor
Made RBZ Rock!

jonathan fields says:

I want them…but not ready to pay that price. I will just wait till the
end of next season when they drop to $500.

Cam Villa says:

I just bought them. I am crushing the ball about an added 15 yards. But
it’s the straight shot off the club and the loft that it the most

Ben Kisla says:

Another buy in”speed pocket”

SDGPaul says:

A.D.D. much?…geeze, Look at me when I ask you questions! Anyways, these
look like epic Game Improvement irons, which personifies TM. Mizuno or
bust…it’s all about feel baby!

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