Good Swing VS. Great Swing! Here are the Subtle Differences

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In this video, Steve demonstrates the differences between a bad swing, a good swing, and a great swing. Which category does he fall into?

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Z- Man says:

Thanks for this video Steve. As a decent, 10+/- handicapper, my biggest struggle is coming out of posture/early extension and the subsequent inconsistent ball striking and loss of power. After watching this video I went out to my crude backyard practice area and hit at least fifty balls into a net, really focusing on pushing my butt back and staying down through impact. It felt odd at first but I quickly realized I was no longer losing my balance and was making solid contact. But the real surprise came when I hit another twenty into the woods behind my house. (no worries, I regularly collect all the balls I hit😉) 15 of the twenty were flushed, the other five were a touch fat but acceptable.
I really feel that this was the missing ingredient to my ball striking, and I can't wait to get out and put it in play (once the snow melts that is😳)

Roland Schlichting says:

I am certainly approaching iron and driver shots differently and I’m not sure I should be other than say ball positioning in the stance. An analysis would be great to understand what I am doing different. I feel I am getting pretty good drives as I’ve made modifications over the winter. Now I struggle with the irons. Not sure if mental but I am noticing my club bounces quite a bit off the indoor turf slightly before contact. Lots of shanks and tops…. And for the record. Last summer I was , imo, very consistent with the irons. I am hopeful that hitting off grass will change things.

Joey Numsen says:

Where's the videos of you on course hitting some shots at the pin? I think everybody would like to see that. You stand at the same spot and hit balls off a flat surface . Let's see a 9 hole every shot!!!

Randy Gatenbee says:

Probably my biggest fault is early extension, which I think mostly means I am not using the ground correctly. Would for you to take a look and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

J W says:

I like the way the pros get the trail heel off the ground early without standing up, that’s my goal for this year. Maybe I’ll stop hitting behind the ball so much.

Nicholas Rebant says:

I'm still working on everything, but I am horrible with my weight shift!!😪😪

Just News says:

I had a lot of swing faults until I watched all your “throw the club” videos. It autocorrects most of my compensation and gets my weight forward early. I would love a lesson in the future. Your great at what you do. 👍

Paul Banney says:

Excellent analysis. Thanks Steve.

Phil L says:

Great video!

Puttipong Chavapong says:


@5:00 = Gold.

Jason Miller says:

Thanks Steve. I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of this or at least going in the right direction. Keeping the booty back to a bump turn toward target really helps. Still have the occasional shanky or top with my irons but but becoming way less frequent. Dropping The arm in the slot seriously feels like a low side arm pitch or a side karate chop with the right hand, A feeling I would say that most are not used to at all in the golf swing. And when done right the arms whips through like catapult. That’s the feeling I get. Power is more effortless as well. Coming along quite nicely. Thanks again for your help

Spin & Throw Disc Golf says:

Is that what Dunaway is doing? Looks totally different to me.

Spin & Throw Disc Golf says:

You have reached the limit of your left hip joint flexibility with your hips sliding forward too far. In other words you are stuck leaning back… From what I see… That is why your left foot has to nearly spin out on the heel to get your left butt cheek behind you.

migbgold 7 says:

Morikawa seems to exit low and to third base with his hands and the ball powers pretty straight over second base — that's a really great image from DTL. That butt end of the grip just disappears immediately to the left and little bit low and left; whereas in the swing that a lot of us struggle with – that butt end of the grip is pointing straight back at the camera in the DTL post impact and seems to take forever to start traveling left. Do you think that might be in large part do to a delayed release? Whereas if the intent to is to release and start flapping the clubhead early that gives the player the freedom to exit the handle low and left?

MaxBashx says:

No matter how perfect is my practice swing, it's a whole different story in front of a ball. 😩

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