Good vs. Bad Throwing Mechanics

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Elie says:

Have a great day God love y’all

Owen Geilman says:

My spiral has been consistently bad this offseason. Is there something mechanically or with my grip that I could try to correct?

A_ Nunez says:

Hey coach I was hoping if you could do how to throw like certain routes if that's a good thing to do.

Cody N says:

what’s the difference between the QB Bible and QB mechanics manual? Interested but not sure which one to get. Thanks!

Burger King Foot Lettuce says:

I am a 7 grade wide receiver that is small but fast any suggestions to improve on

Bwiesenbach says:

It was hard to tell so when he played for cal he lifted the ball to that 99 degree angle

salvador villa says:

Thanks coach.

Christian Harding says:

These videos help a lot. My first year at qb and i’m playing jv. I really need this

Mr. Sunny says:

Thank you for this video, I am trying to make my school football team

πŠπˆππ†π™π“πˆπ says:

Love Hayden these could vr bad breakdowns

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