GoPro: Backyard Trick Shot – Golf

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GoPro says:

Video of the Day!

David Kalb’s ultimate backyard golf shot, complete with watermelons,
hotdogs and fire.

YouTube says:

You should invite this guy to your next BBQ.

woodwayfilms says:

anyone notice that the song is from breaking bad?

aj lemay says:

Please check my videos about golf out it would mean a lot thanks!

Unofficial Google+ Film Festival says:

*CRAZY Trick shots*

brad elliott says:

um well this is a great thing but this guys just ate a hot dog that was on
the ground …. more than 5 second rule

richard Walker says:

dat meth slingin music

Chuchon MC says:

So many free time.

censink & drone says:

Aaaand what made this a GoPro video? Could literally shoot this with any
camera :/

Grace Ward says:

too good, its become an ocd thing for me now with having to watch every
gopro video and give it a thumbs up on youtube haha

HardcoreGaming3Di says:

Thumbs up for breaking Bad Best show EVER

Paul Cochran says:

Amazing what unemployment and laziness can produce. Well done!

JustinIsAverage says:

summer done right.
(But damn he ate a hotdog right off the grass)

TheMastaPlan says:

hey guys i have an idea. it involved watermelons, hot dogs, tiki torches
and a golf ball….little did they know it would turn out like this :)

Nick says:

That is how you become swagger with a go pro,
Or do something completely stupid

Paul Arrowsmith says:

The Open done properly

Kenny Edwards says:

Just tap it in… 

bokeflo says:

No trick shot is complete without a watermelon and a hot dog LOL! Gotta
Love Creative Golfers! Gotta Love GoPro!!

egnilk66 says:

Hmmm….Looks a little like Huntington…. 

renzoqu says:

Great way to spend the time in the summer!!!

Michael Allen says:

damn! that was so rad!

RED Revengineer says:

not enough noscope
11/10 it ok -IGN

Celticsforlife says:

What is the name of this song?

gabrielle gançalves camacho says:

Trop bien fait bravo a vous 

Софья Перемитина says:

Блин, почему я только на американские видео в ютубе попадают?

mike mendez says:

Song ??

Anna Buleiko says:


Erwan Compes says:

Very cool! You should eat the watermelon instead of pig intestines filled
with organ purée!

Danila Birulev says:

Обожаю этот канал, делайте побольше таких видео 

Pipsoul23 says:

I do gopro videos like this! Check them out!

FerzzAlex says:

Заняться нечем походу


who needs an expensive Golf Club Memberships when you can have so much fun
in your back yard playing golf and eat hot dogs whenever you want…

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