GoPro: Golf (HD)

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Paul Gorodnick says:

I love this game as well. I only wish I had my GoPro many years ago.
Looking forward to making some videos as fun as this was.

Mack Williams says:

Golf is so interesting.

chubacca800 says:

Hey look it’s gay AJ!!!

Whacky Wolfy says:

Awesome dobe 😀 You need to play in Scotland 😉

____________...........----------'''''''''''''M.L.''''''''''''''''----------.............___________ says:

Obama and tigerwoods are the only black people to play golf

Finesse says:

Wait, is that a song by Stan SB I hear? :O 😀

Jerad Falicki says:

Which course is that here in GR? I think ive been there O.o

Dobanat3r says:

Silver hero 3 =D

ArrvaxxJr says:

you like Golf? 0-O

Ze Phish says:

Finally a new one of these vids 😀 go dobes

Gustavo Brandao says:

are u recording with the GoPro white, silver or black?

Alexandre Fortin says:

Id like to play golf w you 😉

Cristian Hernandez says:

Now I got to help you here…Basketball,Hockey,Fencing,Soccer or Tennis are
sports. But Golf is not,Golf is classified as the same to pool billiard
,Beer pong, poker.

mitchman709 says:

Looks like a fun time!

seth jackson says:

bj sing. look him up

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