Grandpa Jamie Hits 400yd Drives

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Watch as Grandpa Jamie (2-time long-drive champion Jamie Sadlowski disguised as an 80-year man) hits the range and shows these country club members how it’s done. Hidden cameras capture hilarious hijinks as Grandpa Jamie gives swing lessons, pesters patrons, and uses his Launcher HB Driver to out-drive everyone on the course!

Brought to you by Cleveland Golf and the Launcher HB Driver. Don’t Just Hit it, #LaunchIt.

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afandou1966 says:

"It takes a while for it to land" Hilarious!!!!!!

Lucky C says:

I'm totally following this guy now he's funny

Paul Edmondson says:

Great stuff, nice one Jamie!

Steezyy Brah says:

LMAO the club flip at 2:13

So Fly Official says:

"takes awhile for it to land " lol omfg ????

Mark DP says:

"I just had hip replacement"… as he launches a 400 yard bomb!

M. Hall says:

I hate these videos because I know old people who can do perform at a high level.

Nicholas Kowalczyk says:

more of this please

Capt Cav76 says:

5 bucks young blood! bahahaha

Mark McKernan says:

Copied skratch

Ted Miller says:

the grounds hard as shit here

Turner Humphrey says:

“He’s probably getting paid by Cleveland”

Ken Powers says:

Too bad most golfers there with the personality of a wet paper bag reacted so placidly. If equivalent was translated on basketball court, or any other sport with a pulse, they would be going ape.

lake lizard says:

i hope pepsi sues them

Trevor Rosenberg says:

Knockoff uncle drew.

Ilikeng says:

Love the Happy Gilmore at 2:10

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