Graphite V Steel shaft in Irons? Game changer?

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This week I compare graphite shaft to steel shaft in irons using the Titleist AP3 head, custom fit golf clubs may have a new option.

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The Average Golfer says:

Have you ever tried graphite shafts in irons?

Nyg Har says:

What is the weight difference between the 2 shafts?

Doc Hollywood says:

I'm 41 short hitter driver about 260 avg and I put graphite stiff in my irons and wow, night and day. So much easier to hit and more consistent in my long to mid irons. Way more confident. Ppl should set aside their pride and try it.

Bill Moyer says:

you have beautiful tempo

Ross Ehrhardt says:

Just had an iron fitting yesterday and was put into Cobra Forged Tecs with the Arccos graphite shafts. It felt odd at first, but performed beautifully. Can't wait to get them and take them out to the course.

Gerry Lawrence says:

Hi Andy great discussion topic. My last 3 sets of irons were graphite, I am getting fit for new ones this year, if we ever end lock down. I have played the game for 60 years, never used wood but have used steel, fiberglass, aluminum, graphite and various combinations of material. It really comes down to what works best for our swing type.

Iain M says:

What was the difference in swing speed?

Edward Skinner says:

Have played graphite shafts in my irons for about 10 years. Just bought a new set this year. Got to keep up with the head technology.

Dean Auchterlonie says:

Yes l love my T P Red in my Titleist 200. Iam 58 now and still hit my 7 inons 150metters. BUT STILL coming high

Michael Little says:

I have always used graphite shafts in my irons since I was a teenager (now 73). Never had a very fast swing speed, but the better tempo and lack of vibration on miss hits has worked well for me over the years.

james nespbor says:

Graphite is expensive. That is the only reason not to get it. The feel and sound of graphite is far superior imo. I can't imagine ever going back. Only thing I might suggest is try a little firmer shaft than you are used to as they seem to load easier.

Jim Davis says:

I absolutely love my graphite shafted irons. My irons are also like small shovels with large offset, don't knock it until you try it. I hit my 7 iron around 160 yards without stepping on it.

Tom Duckworth says:

I have project X LZ graphite in 95 gram stiff I think ego is one reason we don’t see more players using them.Manufacturers just have more control in what they want the shaft to do and graphite is just a superior material to steel. Looking at the control you had with the lighter weight graphite is proof. Not faulting you here but most of the time I see a YouTuber testing graphite against steel they test light weight graphite against heavy weight steel and all they focus on is the weight. There are so many graphite shafts in 90-100 gram now but you hardly ever see reviews on them just the light weight ones.

Timothy Miller says:

I await the arrival of my new Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal irons with UST Recoil F3, replacing Ping G20's with CFS steel. While I may have brought an unusually decent swing to the recent fitting day, this graphite shaft was more gentle to my increasingly arthritic, 69 year old hands — and the club head/shaft combo showed nice medium launch and reduced dispersion. 11.7 index.

X Press says:

I was a graphite shaft player but moved over to soft regular steel (really light weight shaft) due to durability and have never looked back. Great Ping clubs and shafts.

Mike S says:

I game cleveland launcher hb with the 60 gram shafts. As my game got better i added lead tape to the head to increase the swing weight to d3, now they actually feel heavier than the stock setup in steel shafts. Love graphite, no soreness, easier swing, less feel tho.

Joe Wilkes says:

We don’t use them for the same reason we always buy a driver that’s 9 degrees with a stiff shaft , ego Andy , we want to look respectable to our mates , doesn’t matter if we can’t get it on the fairway or in the air , most people are stuck remembering graphite shafts from mid eighties , todays graphite are nothing like that .

Brendan o callaghan says:

just had fitting for ping clubs, ended up with graphite shafts, wasn't expecting it but the numbers backed it up. that's why i watched this video to get your opinion.

Aric Johnson says:

Easy answer is skill level. If you play graphite over steel shafts on a dry course the steel shafts can cary though the terrain. My graphite’s shafts bend or catch and loose almost all club speed and power.

Tom Bell says:

I was just fitted for new clubs and am making the change to graphite shafts in my irons. Going in I was pretty set on sticking with my tried and true steel shafts. That is until I tried the graphite and came away very impressed. I’m a 15 handicap.

Bill Kingham says:

Got recoil f3 shafts in my ping i500 and ping g700. Love them.

Christher / Svingit says:

After hitting a ladies club with a Recoil graphite shaft in ladies flex. My tempo and swing speed got slower but I felt more control because I could feel the weight of the head much more. After that I have started to thinking to switch to graphite shafts. The club maker recommended the Aerotech steel fibre i95 stiff. I currently play the $-Taper 120 Black PVD in stiff.

Wayne Hankinson says:

Yes i had Lynx Black cat's years ago with their famous Flared Graphite shaft in em…….had 2 hole in one's with them…but changed over to steel shafted Ping raptures….
which i am now looking @ also replacing.

CocoGi12 says:

When graphite shafts were introduced they were lighter than steel and not consistent in dispersion. Several pro's tried them in testing (but not on the tour, notably "Raymond Floyd" gave them a thumbs down. The older pro's didn't want to change, and the new tour pro's followed by thinking they were inferior shafts. Through time science figured out how to make graphite iron shafts that could fit any players game. Amateurs took to various graphite iron shafts, the shafts were a hit. It is still rare to see a tour pro using graphite irons……..they still think graphite irons are inferior, but for some reasons all have them in their Drivers. Ridiculous.

Robert Buchanan says:

Always used steel shafts in my irons Ping ZZ-65 stiff shafts 108.6grams. Just got fit for some PXG 0211 irons in Mitsubishi MMT 70 shafts. They're amazing! My tempo is better I make better contact gained 3mph club head speed added 9 yards/ club. (Lofts same in sets and best of all I swing it as good on my last shot as the first. Used to be spent come the 18th hole hands and wrist hurt now ready for another 18. I will never go back!

Jon Glass Music says:

So, 18mnths later… you still playing graphite, and if not, why?

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