Gravity Golf Lesson – The Legwork – Understanding A Lower Body Golf Swing

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Every good golfer has to be able to clear their lower body through impact. To do this is the most efficient way possible will be easiest on your body and most repeatable watch what the legends have stumbled across over the years.

Danny Lee | Greenville SC | Golf Instructor | Golf Lessons | Gravity Golf

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Gordon Adams says:

hi gravity golf i was taught this technique by a pro in the uk called adam
mason from coventry uk
i was doing well really changed my game but he then changed my swing to a
different way as he said it was the next step but it changed to much i
wondered if you have anyone in worscestershire area uk that is teaching you
may i add i couldn’t hit a barn door with a dart before gravity golf in 1
year i was playing golfers at 9-10 handicaps and was not only beating them
i was out driving them so much more control around the green and all this
with much less energy than they were using gravity golf is the only way to

Tony C says:

Good for a chuckle

ambcw says:

Why are we trying to outbalance where we can plant our feet and body into
position to make a swing? Is this a Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee move or

D Gale says:

are you talking about going from neutral position at set up,, to back
heel,, then front heel?

mbblaster1964 says:

Never is Nicklaus on his back heel. You guys are so far from the truth it
is ridiculous.

johnbu1981 says:

Great video! I have a bad problem hitting behind the ball…what is the
most common cause of this?

Gravity Golf says:

Hi Anthony, I’m really glad you are enjoying the video’s, it’s a lot of fun
for me to. Your assumption is right, the weight stays on the inside of the
right heel. You want to feel yourself relax as deep as you can let yourself
go back as your turning, the weight will feed all the way back into your
left heel.The less tension you have in your body when your are turning the
easier it will move. If you ever need a closer look, let me know and we can
check out some video of your swing. Take it easy.

SirWabone says:

Hey man GREAT VIDEO!!!! I have been taught the gravity swing by Nick in
Clearwater. My game is improved much but i would like to show you my swing.

Mashie niblick says:

Danny, I have your dad’s excellent book, but I find these videos of your’s
are the icing on the cake because you demonstrate the swing moves so
clearly. Please keep posting the lessons – I love golf this way, your swing
is so effortless.

How To Buy Gold Coins says:

Very nice video Thanks for posting it

KaiserVonWilhelm1 says:

this has got to be Palm Springs right?

mike smith says:

Gravity golf is such a great method. For years I’ve driven the ball about
190-200 yards. I started watching your videos and changing my swing(which
is very relaxed now) and have gained enormous distance, at least for me. A
few weeks ago I drove a short par four, 245, and two holes later nearly
drove it 300 yards. Irons are so much easier to hit. Have an effortless
swing now and don’t try for distance. Thanks.

Gravity Golf says:

Hi David, thank you very much and I’m glad to hear you are jumping back in!
The most likely thing that you doing is shifting too much from your right
to left foot in the down swing as well as starting with too much tension
from the top. It is essential to relax your body as much as possible to let
yourself easily sink back to your left foot at the top of the swing and
have your arms completely deadfall. If you like you can send me some video
or we can do a face time lesson on Skype. All the best

Gravity Golf says:

Thank you Mashie, it has taken a lot of hard work and study, but it is
paying off. I’m trying at the moment to pull together enough sponsors to
work towards getting my card, if you know anyone that can help I could use
it. I’ll do my best to keep putting out new lessons for you along the way.
Take it easy out there!

Gravity Golf says:

David you can send a video to my e-mail at and a few
different times that would work for you to get on Skype for 20-30 minutes.
We can discuss what you are you feeling, have been working on and what
direction you should be taking to shake any tension in your swing.

Gravity Golf says:

Thank you very much! Nick is a excellent teacher and a great person, you
are in good hands. Please do, send it to my e-mail or post it in a video
reply and I would be happy to see your new swing. Keep letting it loose and
enjoying the freedom!

Anthony Campagna says:

Thank you so much for your reply. I tried it and had amazing results. As
you stated, this is important stuff. Coming on to the heels and shrinking
the envelope demands a better swing transition. Coincidentally, Matt Kuchar
just won the memorial. I bring this up because prior to each swing, he
would rock back onto his heels. What a feather in your cap. I noticed your
father is getting up there in age. Please let him know that his teachings
mean a great deal to me and I thank him deeply

David Stone says:

Danny, Great Work! My buddy and I attended a 3 day workshop with your dad
10 years ago. I am getting back to my gravity roots again! 🙂 I am finding
that I am hitting a lot of push slices where the ball starts off straight a
bit to the right of the target line and then slices significantly. Could
this be that I am standing too far away from the ball? What is the most
common fault that causes a slice in the the Gravity swing?

Anthony Campagna says:

Hi Danny. Really enjoy this video. I have a technical question about the
hind leg. On the back swing, does the weight transfer to the inside of the
right foot and then to the back side of the right heel or around the right
foot, outside to the heel? I would assume the inside to keep the head
steady, but your input is important to me. Thank you.

David Stone says:

Danny, Sounds good. How do we set that up?

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