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breeze787 says:

I'll give your golf tip a try. I hit the ground way before I make contact with the ball which results in a lot of chunky shots. This is the 1st time I've searched for golf tips by typing in "golf feel". Thanks for putting this up.

Chairman Meow says:

When I do this my shots go right but they don't come back to the left. Would this be a clubface issue?

Port St Joe Fishing Report says:

This just saved my golf game…this guy is good

spinetilt says:

This is an important component to properly compressing the ball as the left armpit is the bottom of the swing circle. Everyone teaches to get the lower COG forward which lends itself to perverted axis shift and COG behind ball where you have to sling it, i.e. Hooks and pushes right. Virtually every good ball striker has his forward shoulder at least to where it started and a few inches ahead with an iron. Driver not so much. Great post Chris.

MrJoshthenosh says:

just startgin watchign your videos loving them they are different than the others subscribed

Alma S says:

I used duck hook my woods and hybrids. This drill really helped me fix it. I strike the ball much cleaner and rarely hit duck hooks.

Carl Kuzmich says:

Chris, thank you, thank you,! You have helped me return to the way I previously swung the club. I've been lost trying to pull my left shoulder up, but as I saw in the video, that if I don't get over to my left side, that pulling up on my shoulder isn't going to help; thank you!

David Edmonds says:

sorry this is an awful tip unless you advise to keep the head behind the ball at impact, will shank all day long.

Andy von Gremp says:

I'm confused about one thing. You said that on the downswing you move your left shoulder past the vertical "line". However, when you demonstrate that, your head is moving forward of the ball toward the target. Isn't this a bad thing? I've alway been taught that on ball contact, your head should be even with the ball or slightly behind the ball. In your example your head is definitely a few inches forward of the ball.

James Coker says:

perfect feeling for a golfer like me who always tries to keep my body too still. I turn back off the shoulder line but then just turn from there. moving the shoulders back across the shoulder line in my transition got my ball flight more down the line. who doesn't want that? great lesson

Robert Morley says:

I think the slo-mo is an important part of the lesson, and should be in all of them. It's not easy to get the concept when played at full speed. Another well presented video, keep it up!

Don Kirk says:

Hmm. If we watch the vertical line on the wall behind Chris, this "feel" from the downswing's shoulder surge toward the target results in the golfer's head moving to be in front of the ball at impact. Glad to read that golfers are having good results with this idea producing a draw, but having our head on the target side of the ball at impact is not a technique conducive to achieving a higher trajectory into the green (Hogan's standard of 90'), or a fade. To use Chris's "effectively," this 'feel' effectively produces a stinger, a great shot to know how to hit, but not for every iron on every shot.

lee glass says:

great video chris best I have seen tried it on the range to day magic.     coffee still crap.

Aliza says:

thanks for telling us the "feeling" to look for. my lead should rises resulting in topped irons…now i will try to keep lead shoulder moving left and low…. Hopefully, my scores will go low as well! (*^_^*) thank you for the video lessons.

lee glass says:

good vid chris for me this is part of the transition a very important link well done

Bcfc26 says:

great vid chris,this has really helped me,you say it doesn't work with the driver,could you make a vid with a feeling for the driver..thanks

Tim O'Connor says:

This was just what I needed, thanks!

Nick says:

Hi Chris, love this one. Could you possibly do a similar video on this feeling as it relates and is different from the driver swing?

Stuart Guthrie says:

Hi Chris. I struggle a lot with topping longer clubs ie 4, 5 irons, woods and especially driver!! Do you believe this thought would help me with this as I do believe I'm coming out of my posture way too early when using longer clubs. Thanks ps really enjoy your videos

Carl ermno says:

Could this movement help the hips move forward then without having to think about bumping them laterally? And if I'm correct this movement would give us a more consistent low point which should be 2/3 inches after the ball, nice vid will give this ago. Cheers.

Stephen Taylor says:

he absoloutely stripes it if only?

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