Greenside Bunker with Gary Player

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Ed Gaffny says:

Followed Mr. Player for over 50 years and always a knowledgeable gentleman engaging the fans wherever he played.
Half their size and outplayed them all.

John Crazy says:

Gary is the MAN!!!!

Patrick says:

Gary Player…golf hero & true gentleman……..

alan carlyon says:

Logic information from soft sand, but here in the UK we have damp or hardly any sand in our bunkers! I would like to see them in our bunkers trying to play out of them and stopping the ball, no doubt they could, but we in the UK would like to view them doing so and how they achieve it! Great video footage, great guy's, but being a member of my course in the Uk their info does not help us golfer here in the UK!

James Ramsey says:

Gotta love how Ernie says club

King Ward says:

Player handles a variety of bunker shots better than anyone I've ever seen.

Ray Ramon Ramon says:

Gary Player what a player, but darn he is annoying..Comes across as yappy, bossy and all knowing.. Feel sorry his wife and mother-in-law which he reference in his mother-in-law comedy..

Denny Law says:

Ernie and Gary, still being nothing but class and character to a beautiful game.

Roxy Bailey says:

Yarpy convention.

porridgeandbananas says:

Any tips for putting Ernie? ?

Amir 168 Tahir says:

superb tips from the knight in shining armour!

Alec McLaughlin says:

Simply the best

see you later says:

Superb golfer and their techniques

Ashley Koreillen says:

Great share on this thanks

saint2perth says:

what a nice man gary seems
wish i could get a round in with him just to put my bunker play right

Stefan B says:

That comment was made 3 years ago dipshit, he was correct.

Phil Williams says:

His record speaks for itself

mavallarino says:

Majors won: Player – many, Else – some, Leadbetter – None!
For most I think there's more money in golf instruction than on tour.

Halvor Rosholt says:

Great video – watching Gary's downslope bunker shot, I remembered Ernie's impossible one at The Open at Muirfield (2002) on the 18th – extraordinary shot!!

Barry Hartley says:

This is an excellent format for an instructional video. The informality makes it practical and easy to retain in one's memory. And the teacher credentials don't come any higher than this.

Funky Dogg says:

this comment is 2 years ago……

Brad Panske says:

I could listen to these guys accents for hours

golfmaniac007 says:

you can become a decent bunker player just by thinking that a bunker shot is a fat shot done purposely.

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