Grip Pressure Secrets – SMASH Factor Golf Instruction

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In this video, we show you a secret that ALL the pros know and we'll bet you don't! If you're a higher handicapper, this can literally change your game. Again, these are just teasers guys, the real fun starts soon at THESMASHFACTOR.COM, coming in March!


ge10good says:

I completely agree, but Arnie palmer would beg to differ. He said he gripped tight, but i never seen a good golfer with a tight grip

Coach D. says:

Speak for yourself when it comes to grip pressure but I'll say this the best golf that I ever played was when my grip pressure on ALL my clubs was firm (like a 7 out of 10) and not the 2 out of ten you hear all about and that goes for every shot in the bag to.

RTFord says:

Follow this teaching if you want to swing the club like Bobby Jones (with the club lagging behind at the start of the backswing), but if you want to swing like Ben Hogan, you start the hands first (hands, arms, shoulders, hips). Either way is fine as long as the grip pressure remains constant and tension free throughout the swing.

Bud Bopalula says:

You are exactly correct. I'll tell you what else this does…I'd tried everything to cure my slice with the driver. And I mean everything. When using this tip, the club squares up like magic. Amazing how stupid I am.

JapaneseReds says:

Simple but brilliant!

Dee Wald says:

Dude I have been strangling my golf clubs, and you just flicked the "switch" on for me with this. Hoping I can get 10 more yards off the tee with this technique. Great job!!

David Neilson says:

The best video ever explaining the right grip pressure.i feel that little lag at the start of the backswing helps create a much better lag when coming through impact. Well explained sir. Some even say that the grip pressure should be about 7 , one being loose and ten being the hell you work out where 7 is is beyond me.

Eric Nguyen says:

You speak the truth!! this is one of the best "one tip" you can give.

D Ward says:

For me, so much of golf is a swing thought. This video gives a perfect swing thought. It solves 2 problems for me. Over tight grip and creating lag. Eyes opened.

J$M Golf says:

I apply enough pressure to push the eyes out of a small bird, I don't want the eyes to pop out though.

Larryzelreh says:

This is a great, great tip an SO fundamental to a great swing. So many other tips that are out there – even the good ones – are basically irrelevant without this.

fradaja says:

that so works

JoeCool says:

I struggled with that very thing myself. The looser I hold it the more the ball goes boom. What got me onto this looser grip was a video I saw of Julius Boros. He has a tremendous amount of reverse lag on the start of the back swing. For anyone who tries it, at first it feels like your giving up control of the swing. I have a lot of videos on here as well and normally don't post comments. Im just some guy but this tip is probably the best tip a golfer can receive, excellent tip and video.

top2pear says:

"what the hell does that even mean?" LOL So true. Great tip.

Arkade Perfect says:

"That is bad, that is horrible, that's one of the worst easy to get I to the backswing…" That's what I do 🙁 lol

sessien says:

It is not holding onto the club weak. It is the pressure in a few of your fingers that balance the club. The pressure counters the movement and while there is pressure in your fingers it allows the club to lag away and the wrists to be soft,

Also, the movement away must be with the hips or the pressure in the hands will not work correctly!

GolfGurls says:

Great video – simple message that should have great effect. I've added it to my GolfGurls blog: Thanks.

earltpt says:

Dragging and cocking they call it ….just like the old timers Harry Vardon ,Henry Cotton, Bobby Jones etc….EXCELLENT TIP.

darinfarmer77 says:

best lesson anyone can give, took for forever to figure this out, adds a shit ton more yards, ur swing speed sky rockets

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