Have I Found My Driver For 2020? TITLEIST TS2 vs PING G410

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Have I Found My Driver For 2020? TITLEIST TS2 vs PING G410 2019 has been an amazing year for drivers, we have had the Callaway epic flash, Taylormade m6, Taylormade m5, titleist ts3, titleist ts2 Ping g410, cobra f9 amongst a hole host of other big name drivers. but which was the best driver of 2019? what's the best driver of 2020? what can we expect from the new drivers for 2020? in this video I test the ping g410 vs Titleist TS2 in a head to head, is one of these the best drivers of 2020 before we even see the new released, if your wondering what driver to buy in 2020 hopefully this will help? lets find out… and lets do it now!

It's been a while, since we've had a good driver head-to-head, and I apologize for that. So today we have the Titleist TS, two against the ping Jie for 10-plus. Let's, do it and let's. Do it [ Music, ] hi, everyone, James Robinson here, if you knew the channel – and this is your very first time watching my content.

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the channels. Second of all, while you are here, please make sure you, don't forget to hit that subscribe button before you leave and while you're, doing it bring the notification Bell.

That way, you won't miss any of the great golf later content that bring to you guys every single day, because on this channel I really do my best to try and help you raise your game lower your handicap, but mainly just get your Enjoying golf more than ever before in today's.

Video, I'm excited about this and, like I said I apologize but not bringing you the driver head to head. As often this summer, it's been a very very busy summer, as you'll tell with the content that's been on the channel so today, ts2 ping, Zhi 410, guys, as always, it's, imperative To me that you're a part of these videos, because that's, exactly why I do them.

I want to talk to you guys, want to hear your guys opinions what driver you're using this year. Why are using it? Is it on using one of these two drivers? What do these two drivers have in common? What don't they have in common that's.

The whole point of this video, so I guess that's. What we hit to find out is it. You could just call it a good old fashioned head to head. I suppose for me both these drivers have one major thing in common and that's forgiveness, both the ts2 and the ping Jie for 10-plus both have the forgiveness factor in mind, with lowest spin options in the ping Jie.

We're, going to start with the G 410 and complete with its turbulator'z, inverted dragon fire technology and moveable weights. They're at the back, not forgetting the forged face and racing stripe. Streamlined nurse streamline this.

It's, not very scientific, but I'll go with it. Then we're, going to move on to the TS 2. We're, going to compare them forgiveness, compare them spin rate, compare them for distance and compare them for feeling sound as well, because that's.

One thing for me, which is a massive factor when you buy and you drive [ Music, ], [, Music, ], and you see I do have a bit of a vested interest in this test myself, because I've struggled with my driver, as we Got into the back end of 2019, so as we move into 2020 dollar, I've been gaming, the TaylorMade m5.

I had the weights move back, try and help me with that sort of worked. I've, even gone shorter in the shaft to help me hit more fairways, but do I need something a bit more forgiving and both these drivers will be going on into 2020, so it could be one of these that potentially does find its way.

Maybe in the bag we'll see, I should say as well. For the sake of fairness, the ping Zhi 410 is being played in the standard weight setting, primarily because the ts2 doesn't have any moveable weights.

So is that one nil already? Well, then, the ts2 does have the opposite view where you can change the face, handle and the last wedgie, and you can just change the lock, so one all exposed [ Music ]. Now she ‘

Ll probably say that as well as missing fairways towards the back end of 2019. I also feel like I ‘ Ve lost quite a lot of distance as well. So when I was reviewing, clubs at the start of the average would be around kind to 75.

Now to both I'm doing well to get it a book to 70 on average, when I hit a load of drivers, so there's. Definitely something in the technique in my swing that needs work this winter, but put something more forgiving me the answer gas comment below.

Would you go more forgiving or would you just put the graft in think? I know what I should do. We're. Talking well acoustics, I've, never really liked the sound of the ping drivers, since they've got on really from Colonel at the g30.

They seem to sound alright, but then these ones just sound a little bit. I don't know like, and I suppose that for me is really why I chose the m5 this year, cuz the acoustics were incredible compared to [, Music, ].

Okay, let's. Take shots hit the King G for 10-plus. We're gonna need two more than we're, going to change up winning your title is TS, and you can probably tell that I am going after these shots, so I'm trying to hit them hard.

I'm trying to hit them a long way because for me, what's, the point of gaining a forgiving driver? If you're, not allowed to try and hit it hard, then maybe reap the rewards from around. Here. You see that's.

Why? I'd, like you guys to think about, while you're watching this video. Hopefully, while you're enjoying this video, I can potentially hit both these drivers very very well. I can also potentially hit these drivers not very well at all.

A lot of that will come down to my personal feel it come down to how I think the look, how I think the feel, and they were both exactly the same. Then I very much apologize for wasting your time and my time because well we're here for results.

Aren't we! So now we're. Going to move on to the tile is TS to wear this ultra thin titanium crown things much more streamlined design than their previous driver and it's fixed weight in the back of the head to help mo.

I unforgiveness so straight away. Looking down at this totally different head shape, totally different head design, a lot more traditional, as you can see there's, no turbulator to our racing stripes.

On top of the Titleist driver, and to be honest, I don't think we'll ever really see a day when we do see turbulator Zoar racing stripes on the Titleist driver, which is what a lot of people like about the Brand as well, very, very traditional [, Music ], very yeah, should we should we leave it at that.

Potentially all right, I mean that just won't work. Will it that'll, never work, I mean, I suppose we have got the positive that it's, not going left there's, always that because hate that shot this season's been horrible.

For that shot. Come on now it's funny. You know, because I gave ts3 actually late on the last year in 2008 to you and I got fitted for it. I very much enjoyed it. To be honest, I used it a lot and hit a lot of fairways with it.

So why did you change? Oh, yes, sound it's. Not that bad! Is it, but I'd. Never really gave the ts2 a chance, because we're tireless drivers. I've, always gone on the basis that there's, a smaller head, the ts3 or used to be the d3 didn't it.

That was the players head. It was the lowest spin head. It was the head that unless you're a mid handicapper, you will use, but then Rory used the d2 when he was playing tire list. So and then there was the bigger head.

That was the more forgiving head. There was the highest spin head, which I could never get on with, I suppose lesson being guys don't now. This is a bold call, but could this be the driver that saves my 2020 season because she even begun that's, a bold faman, oh, but that felt really good [ Music ].

Do it now do it now playing? Should we just wonder why this is even up yeah, but it's, a sign? Is it putting there and lets it go potentially yeah? Why not? Why bold claim? I know, but look at that. Okay, guys, I'm, not going to waste too much more of your time, because I know that you might have some cleaning to do, but you might need to get out the bath.

I don't know when people watch these videos, you might need to get back to work. So I'll. Stop wasting your time. I'll, hit four more shots with this ts2 and we'll. Have a proper good, roundup, [, Music ], you can feel the company's, just coursing through my veins now well.

But tonight I'm, not a hundred percent sure what's, something coursing through your veins feels like, but if this is confidence, this is pretty much what it is. I'm, just locking and loading now and like ten shots here we've, both the Titleist ts2 and the ping Jie for 10-plus, which one has performed best for me in this room today.

It's, important to say that, because I don't want you guys, thinking that if you're in the market front of these two and one of them wins for me, you have to go and buy that one, Because that makes no sense all you need to be testing these for yourself.

You need to begin these fitted for yourself, which one of I prefer today also guys, while we're here. At the end of this video, I'm, going to hit a few with my own. I'm gonna hit a few of my own m5 and just see if, because these seem to be going well today, so is this the problem.

Is it this? It's, the problem? Let's find out. So looking at dispersion, obviously we've just finished with the t s2 with a driver. I'm quite happy with that. Obviously there's. No, there's, none that's like over here, which we have been getting in in the ruler.

I'm with the g4 turn a little bit more sporadic. I didn't have a good warm-up before this test as well. By the way, I said, please don't, be commenting below, say no. This was your warmup, because it got kind of half a dozen balls of each beforehand so really enjoying the t.

S2. There you can ‘ T really argue with that at all. What about distance? So I'm, not going to take any shots out because it's important for me that you see them all today and all the swings felt okay.

Obviously you're gonna see how they perform on good and bad swings. So two seven one, two six, four, two, six, nine two: I'm, not gonna read them all, but you can see that a really nice ride today with the t s2 and that swing number seven really stands out for me.

That's when I really start to feel the confidence like as a coursing through the veins, so an average of two seven one, which I'm, absolutely delighted with because, like I said towards the end of the year, it's, not being that good, and I mean, is it that we'll, find out average spin for the TS, two two and a half thousand pretty much on the nails that he's outstanding realistically, with a club head speed of 105 and a ball speed of 156 average.

Now what about the g4 turn plot, so G for Templars had some good ones in there too. Seventy two seven one, two, seven three, two: seven, two, two: seven four and a bud one to finish on, but an average 266, so only five yards behind which I thought they might be more than that, especially with some of the bombs I hit with the TS To an average Club speed of 106, which is actually up on the TS too, which is amazing and an average ball speed of 155 point three, as opposed to 156.

So, even though I'm, creating more club head speed with the ping, I'm, actually creating more ball speed with the Titleist and the average spin on the ping is a little bit more 2546 as opposed to 2506.

So that just goes to show real it for me how consistent I've, been swinging today, spin rates within touching distance of each of a club head speed within touching distance of each other, but the ts2 takes on ball speed and also takes on Distance, so for me I ‘

Ve got to say that tile is TS to taken that, and it also took it massively on dispersion as well. Didn't it. So you could say that I've gone a bit of a roll with this. I got some confidence running with it, but that's, got to be down to the shape, got to be down to the field, go down to the style of it.

Again I've, always enjoyed hitting the g4m. I've, never enjoyed the sound of it, so I think forgiveness wise that did feel like I hit some absolute dogs dinners with this. That's, not Latin, not good.

One for people who don't understand is that English is but yeah a foul. Carry off centre hits nails very surprised that the average was so close to the TS too, as well, so guys between the market breed of these two clubs.

Please please please go test him for yourself. Go get fitted for them. Let me know as well. Let me know what you're thinking. Let me know what you want. It's. One thing left to do in this video. Let's.

Hit that m5. It's, exactly how it's. Doing now it's. 2 6 8. Wait there, which I suppose straight down the middle of all of them. You're going to take. I so guys that's, it from me. I'm gonna stay here and smash loads and loads of drivers and try and regain some distance as well as in fairway.

So thank you. So much for watching I do you've enjoyed it. If you have, if you haven't already make sure you do hit that subscribe button. We are well on the way to 100,000 subscribers and I would love you guys to be a part of it, as always leave a like if you enjoyed that content.

Does that lets me know that you're enjoying the content. If you haven't run the application bail limits, I don't know you need to do Inc. Surprise. You'll, miss some of the content that we're, bringing to you and as always, I very much look forward, see you tomorrow: [ Music, ], Oh

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Jay Mishur says:

Great video! Considering these two drivers myself..

Randell Dickerson says:

Well I have Titleist AP1 Irons so imma go with a Titleist driver

Randell Dickerson says:

Thanks for that video I got a Nike Vapor speed and it just doesn't work for me I need some forgiveness I think I got the head because of the name so yep I'm changing to a Titleist TS2 thanks bro

ccmorgan53 says:

What was swing weights . Ping head a lot heavier

Erick Bauer says:

TS 2 too shiny for sunny weather.

Erick Bauer says:

I want to try the 410 plus

Erick Bauer says:

RBZ because it works paid $100 for it


My personal experience exactly mirrors your findings. I had the TS3 however found that whilst distance was god direction was a little too erratic particularly pulls to the left. Went to the TS2 and improvement was instance, the flatter face makes alignment set up easy and performance is incredible. TS2 is an outstanding driver.

Luis Ramirez says:

I just went for a fitting for a new driver and those two were the main competitors. Ended with the Ping but in LST version. Liked the mate top better and distance/dispersion was similar.

J R says:

Love that you coordinated your shirt, shoes, and the couch. Well done, James

Rodney Hickman says:

I just can't look down at a shiney top

Michal Jursa says:

My problem with the drivers is that they not last for long. Had taylormade m2 and head exploded after 1.5 year after hitting ball on range. Get replacement for m4 and that exploded after a year again after hitting ball on range. Get fitted for new ping g410 lst end of july this year. After 4 months notice cracks on face. This modern drivers may have good performance but they don't last for very long.

R L says:

What shafts are you using in each driver?…..most important question. I have tried both and for distance none compare with my ping g lst for me

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