Have I Found My Driver For 2020? TITLEIST TS2 vs PING G410

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Have I Found My Driver For 2020? TITLEIST TS2 vs PING G410 2019 has been an amazing year for drivers, we have had the Callaway epic flash, Taylormade m6, Taylormade m5, titleist ts3, titleist ts2 Ping g410, cobra f9 amongst a hole host of other big name drivers. but which was the best driver of 2019? what’s the best driver of 2020? what can we expect from the new drivers for 2020? in this video I test the ping g410 vs Titleist TS2 in a head to head, is one of these the best drivers of 2020 before we even see the new released, if your wondering what driver to buy in 2020 hopefully this will help? lets find out… and lets do it now!


Jay Mishur says:

Great video! Considering these two drivers myself..

Randell Dickerson says:

Well I have Titleist AP1 Irons so imma go with a Titleist driver

Randell Dickerson says:

Thanks for that video I got a Nike Vapor speed and it just doesn't work for me I need some forgiveness I think I got the head because of the name so yep I'm changing to a Titleist TS2 thanks bro

ccmorgan53 says:

What was swing weights . Ping head a lot heavier

Erick Bauer says:

TS 2 too shiny for sunny weather.

Erick Bauer says:

I want to try the 410 plus

Erick Bauer says:

RBZ because it works paid $100 for it


My personal experience exactly mirrors your findings. I had the TS3 however found that whilst distance was god direction was a little too erratic particularly pulls to the left. Went to the TS2 and improvement was instance, the flatter face makes alignment set up easy and performance is incredible. TS2 is an outstanding driver.

Luis Ramirez says:

I just went for a fitting for a new driver and those two were the main competitors. Ended with the Ping but in LST version. Liked the mate top better and distance/dispersion was similar.

J R says:

Love that you coordinated your shirt, shoes, and the couch. Well done, James

Rodney Hickman says:

I just can't look down at a shiney top

Michal Jursa says:

My problem with the drivers is that they not last for long. Had taylormade m2 and head exploded after 1.5 year after hitting ball on range. Get replacement for m4 and that exploded after a year again after hitting ball on range. Get fitted for new ping g410 lst end of july this year. After 4 months notice cracks on face. This modern drivers may have good performance but they don't last for very long.

R L says:

What shafts are you using in each driver?…..most important question. I have tried both and for distance none compare with my ping g lst for me

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