Have PING run out of ideas…….PING G410 Driver FULL Review

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PGA GOLF Professional Rick Shiels tests the new 2019 PING G410 DRIVER using GCQuad launch monitor and taking the PING G410 PLUS DRIVER out onto the golf course at Worsley Park Marriott, Manchester. Rick Shiels also compared the PING G410 PLUS DRIVER and against last years PING G400 MAX DRIVER


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Steve Don says:

It’s perform! Not preform, I thought being English you would get the language right! ?

Barebare kun says:

That on course footage looked more like a porn than driver review,guess the music and slo mo closeup are to blame.

Deron Sizemore says:

Did you test both drivers with the Tour 65 X? Looks like in the video the G400 Max has a different shaft in the one split screen you showed. Just curious if that contributed to the difference in distance? I'd be curious to see numbers on same loft head and same exact shaft.

Vere Hindson says:

You've sold it to me Rick however I think the looks of the G400 are better, but obviously not the performance.

Nicholas Johnson says:

Ping only bring out new versions when they are measurably better than the previous versions, hence the lack of a LS tech now as they said they can't better the previous LS version yet. And they do not need to revert to marketing guff like twist face, designed by supercomputers, screws on the face to slow it down as it is just too damn hot etc etc to justify a new release. They just make extremely well engineered drivers that always perform.

Seve Sellors says:

Rick when will you review the Wilson Staff D7 range?

David Malone says:

Hey Rick—how about a review of the g410 irons next—I love you reviews—thank you

Andrew Dornbush says:

Rick when are you going to review the G410 irons???

Bence Bertenyi says:

Great review Rick

Jon Long Shaft says:

Interesting listening whilst you were testing on the course to the different sounds on impacts,
depending where the camera ? was positioned it sounded like 4 different clubs

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