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Is this Titleist's longest irons ever in the T400? With more golf companies making hollow headed irons what will the T400's bring to the table?
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C R says:

Is the length of the club still 7 iron? because then it all start to make more sense ?

Robert Gardner says:

Ignore the club numbers, and put a traditional extra wedge or two in your bag, and don’t buy the 4 and 5 if you’re obsessed with the number on your clubs. Easy solution. ???

M Kastl says:

In regard to the number on the bottom of the club, this is by definition a 7 iron because it’s a 37” shaft (stock). There can be a whole other 20 minute video dedicated to shaft length and shot dispersion ratios. We cannot have “commentary” and then choose to cherry pick what data points we want to include (lofts) and what we choose to ignore (shaft length, peak heights, launch, land angles, shot dispersion,…etc). The whole damn package matters. Please do not fall into the traps that all other YouTube golf reviewers fall into. Being good at golf does not qualify anyone to think they are more qualified than golf engineers. Technology is a TOTAL package.

SvingIt says:

The 7 iron is 26 deg. Its a stronger 5 iron. My 7 iron is 34 deg. 8 deg between them. Manufatures shoul start put the deg number instead of the club number.

H Byrd says:

If the USGA has rules and restrictions on drivers and balls then why can’t they make rules that only allow a certain amount of loft deviation for each club. If you’re big and strong and you hit a 36 degree 7 iron 180 yds well good for you ! Otherwise leave lofts alone and the game will be better for it.

House Karl says:

they suit my game….strong yes and v-v-long as mentioned with lofts…i play Driver/5 wood (20 deg)/8-SW T400…..

William Ormonde says:

How ridiculous is it that we’ve come to a point where you have to put 2 x Gap Wedges in your bag to accommodate irons with stronger lofts! Here’s a tip, get your 7 iron and change the number 7 to 9. Or put a 9 iron shaft in your 7 iron!! It’s coming to the point where amateur golfers irons will be out hitting Woods!

Don Granger says:

demo hit the t400 and purchased them loft vs loft I am hitting them almost 20myds further but they are stickijg to the greens and easy ti hit is just beginning to describe how good they feel off hits go straight w/o not a lot of yards lost..will definitly have to adjust the close in wedges to match my game..

Seve Sellors says:

Great looking club will consider these for next year. Great review.

Tom Nelson says:

Exactly! Pretty soon everyone will carry a 9 iron that goes 240 and 10 wedges!

James Kent says:

I think your right just number the clubs right, thanks


Great test Ali and many thanks. Most importantly too, what were they like to use? Easy? Was a good delivery rewarded by a sweet spot centre strike? Thanks again

P Rex says:

Club maker's should just put the lofts on the bottom and forget numbers.

Stephen Ross says:

Been looking at these,if I can buy 5 to 9 irons I would,don't want to replace my Vokey 7's

Lamar Roberts says:

Can you add T400 to you subject line for searching? Great video

Chris Chandler says:

Golfers who get offended by the modern lofts makes me laugh. These clubs are designed to launch the like the respective irons even though they have the powerful lofts. They also tend to drop onto the green at the same angle as the more traditional 7 irons so still have stopping ability. If the golfer who this club is designed for hit a standard 5 iron with the 26 degree loft it's odds on they won't hit it nearly as well. Most likely a low chaser. These type of clubs have to be lofted down or the ball will just balloon in the air. They are designed for golfers with slower swing speeds, and we'll all get to that point one day. We should just be grateful that the technology will still allow us to maintain our handicaps a little longer. Yeah it gets a bit messy at the wedge end of the bag but maybe golfers should start using more feel there anyway. When I started playing in the 80's you had 2 wedges and improvised. I carry 4 now and am I better around the greens? Definitely not.

Malcolm Sansom says:

Very interesting vid, cheers, I've got ap3's and thought they were strong lofted

Chester says:

1:25 100 grams of tungsten not titanium.

James Vaughn says:

I agree. I kind of got sucked in by the marketing for a while, but after trying most of the 'hot' irons I realize that I can predict how far I'm going to hit a particular iron within a couple yards based on the loft only. Hogan tried putting the loft only on irons, but apparently that didn't go over well because they have since stopped doing it.

Geoffrey Geard says:

As long as I can pull a club from my bag that will reach my target I don’t care wether it’s called a 5 or 7 or mashie or spoon! I’m getting older and will definitely be looking at T400s as an upgrade from my MBs

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