HAVE we made a BIG MISTAKE doing this?

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Bignice1 says:

Really enjoyed this vlog Andy. Well done to you and your daughter. I love your content. Keep up the good work.

Out of interest what has happened to that lovely testing area that you built approximately a year and a half ago and the driving range?

Time is more important than Watches says:

There is much more to Essex than people realise. Many of the areas people think of are actually London Boroughs and not Essex. Great work.

dave watts says:

Love the van

WA Jopek says:

Andy The Builder. That Van did escape the spotlight for some time. It will smell like a Barn for a few months with that sheep's wool but it will go. ..trust me (I insulated my whole house with it). Can't wait for Part2.

Richard Cotran says:

Don’t see the point of all this, in terms of there being a point. In terms of..in terms of …erm…? What a waste of time.

steviemc says:

No mistake at all Andy if I came into some money that’s what I would do ⛳️ wish you all the happiness and enjoyment in the world with it πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ»

OJS 90 says:

Nice one Andy, this is pretty cool. Always something I've thought about doing in the future.
Will this bring your handicap down?

Mel Abshier says:

Good stuff Andy. If the golf bit doesn't work out, maybe Van conversions is next…😜

neil leslie says:

Great video, I'd imagine the satisfaction you get every time you step in there is unbelievable. Nice project to keep the focus

Robert Alexander says:

You have NOT made a mistake! Working with your daughter, traveling in your own van and playing golf. It doesn't get any better. Life is two short so enjoy it while you can. When you can't do it anymore just think of all the memories you will have.

Tony Moss says:

Enjoyable watching, great job the pair of you. My brother did this with a London double decker bus and then drove it to Spain. Must feel very rewarding to have the bulk yourselves. Looking forward to part two.

colin tennant says:

That is an excellent video, always interesting watching something a little different. Presumably you either have a trade or love diy?

Brian Treadwell says:

Nice v-log during my coffee n mince pie break from work πŸ‘

Roger Lindgren says:

Enjoyed watching this more than I thought I would. Great idea, this DIY transformation.

VK πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ says:

Nothing beats a mobile home/office to travel vlog to golf courses…fantastic content Andy..absolutely loves it

Sean Miller says:

Great to watch guys brilliant work.

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