Hawkstone Park Golf Course Championship

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Hawkstone Park Golf Course Championship played by Mark Crossfield PGA professional and Matthew Lockey. Watch the two golf pros take on the Championship golf course at Hawkstone Park in this fun matchplay golf match. Play your best golf and have fun doing so with Mark's fun and easy to watch golf vlogs. Thanks to YourGolfTravel for another fun golf trip.


Paul Broadbent says:

Great to have Lockey back!!

Michael Walsh says:

I didn’t even watch parfields putt on the first hole.
Par putt from 5-10 feet. Forget about it. Slots o clock all day every day.
Moving on.
Next hole.
All square. 

Saxon leet says:

lol 11:53 Crossfield’s Devonshire accent kicking in.

falen arkanta says:

where’s Rory? havent seen him in a while

david chapman says:

come on jamiroquai!!!

Matthias Gold says:

could use the old gopro for #bugytime

paul hughes says:

Locket is back

i Mc says:

Mark it seems you’ve managed to turn your pull into a push fade, Lockeys
got this in the bag! #LockeyArmy

Gavin Wiles says:

anyone know if lockey uses the SF tec G30? seems to have helped him cure
the block. 

teamillanes says:

“Mano a mano”. That’s exactly right. Let’s get stuck in. Loving it!
Keep it up.

Rob Marsh says:

Lovely course up here in rural Shrops. As usual a good banter video. Would
be great if Harps and Rory were along too…

Rachel Hinds says:

does marky boy ever get over the water to wee norn ireland to play?

Mike Lee says:

You know the universe is spinning in reverse when an amateur like me plays
blue tees while these “pros” play closest to ladies tees 

SuperDixxxie says:

We need car cam me thinks lol…

gbvoul says:

The club didn’t forgive you enough, on that first swing.

Skyboxer says:

Glad to see Matt back! Also Matt would love to see some videos on your
thought process and setups for you short game. Anyways great video

Sammy Whammy says:

3:20-4:04 – I didn’t know Nike hybrids came without headcovers! 6:15-6:19
– That one was going in ALL DAY LONG! He should’ve just given it to him!

GolfNinja25 says:

Always look forward to your videos Mark, great banter and very entertaining

David Edmonds says:

Great video nice to see the deadly duo back. Great chemistry. Love the way
Lockey shrugs of the in your head banter from crossy. Keep them coming mark
nice one.

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Vroom, vroom….. 🙂 

David R says:

Lockey’s back 😀 #2hourdrive #drivingwithmark #poorlockey #lockeyarmy

Adam Flynn says:

What’s with the baby fades mark?
More control yes but ur not the longest hitter or are u swinging both ways?

basti4k says:

You test your golf club in one device? what is that ?

marknic79 says:

Get in Lockys bbbbaaaccckkk!! Missed you lad. It’s not the same without you

Dana Patelzick says:

Gorgeous golf course – as usual.

David Altendorff says:

Why aren’t you using the SLDR Mark?

streamleazefishhouse says:

As it is March I am sure Locky is just a fan of deer rather than

Craig HuDDy says:

Love the mind games your a git Mark :))

grumpy2159 says:

Which ones Tigger? He use to bounce a lot.

Blend That Film says:

Finally a course I’ve played!!

matt haycox says:

Does lockley have a blocky on the 10th tee?!!!!??

Stephane Gauthier says:

Where’s Rory!?!?!

Kevin Haigh says:

” a bit of snot ” lol

Chris Meikle says:

Love Lockey’s lumpy #LockeyArmy

Dana Patelzick says:

What is the putter? Did you go Callaway?

matt haycox says:

Good to see a course vlog from where I have played at. 

Kranberries says:

what shoes are those?

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