Hawkstone Park Golf Course The Hawkstone Pt3

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Hawkstone Park Golf Course The Hawkstone part 3. Mark Crossfield and Matthew Lockey play around The Hawkstone golf course in this 3 part golf course vlog with YourGolfTravel. Lots of laughs in this set of golf videos where you watch the guys hitting drivers, irons and pitches in this golf match. See who wins and who can stay the warmest. Golf is fun and you should have fun with your mates on the course at all times.


Carl Broadbent says:

Disappointed no golfer girls on here. #jasminefinlay :-* 

cylus ramsbottom says:

Petrol buggies. That’s why they need the smallest petrol station in

Ratbacon says:

“they’re not in the offer” rofl.

Joe Nixon says:

Hi mark,
I am nine years old, on Sunday the 29th of March i got my first hole in one

craglyboy says:

Haha that annoys me about bunkers too!!

Davide Ciccoritti says:

I enjoyed Lockey’s mellowdramatic humour.

paul hughes says:

Good stuff guys

patrick mcloughlin says:

Prob the first time i watched ricks vlog before this one. I’m guessing most
of the army did too.

fleshcookie says:

I love this course. The fog, its old, the big bare trees, secluded, my kind
of course!

Andy Gordon says:

LOL, chuckeisciouse golf.

Kevin Haigh says:

“Oh Lovely lovely lovely”

Paul Broadbent says:

Manchester delight !

Sam Bryant says:

Are we getting a what’s in the bag with Lockey

dante gonzalez says:

We are all disappointed #army

Hotsho Sniper12 says:

sup love your videos

Spencer Mulcahy says:

My wife thinks i am mental I LOLed at a golf video very funny chaps.

Mike VonWald says:

I always enjoy you guys having a lot of fun keep up the great videos!

dante gonzalez says:


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