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We pit Callaway's newly-announced Rogue against TaylorMade's M3 in a battle of 2018's most anticipated new drivers.

Would Callaway's Jailbreak technology prove king or could TaylorMade's Twist Face come out on top? Golf World went to the Belfry's Academy to find out.

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Brenton Ford says:

Great video guys! Awesome detail and variety of reviews.

harrisonw177 says:

my left ear enjoyed this!!!

Saul Carrera says:

Great video and feed back fellas.. I like the way you broke down each driver and how each one shared their own opinion.. my only question how close was the M3 to green?? Looks like all 3 of you made it on the green with the Rogue.. once again great video…

Stephen DiBari says:

Cool review. I’m know a subscriber

Jacob Ball says:

Have you watched your own reviews with a headset? The mono audio is quite off-putting. C'mon, we live in a stereo world 🙂

That was SAVAGE says:

Did you receive some £££ from either company????
Poor review.

Stewart Halliwell says:

I don't think they are telling the truth they are not comfortable spend your money on lessons and play more

nick jimmy says:

Really good, solid video. It was a bit long so I can see why some have bashed it but I liked the detail and the three different levels of tester. Nothing wrong with a more serious vid. Not everything on YT has to be fast, fast, fast. Would have been nice to see the data, though!!!

Eric S says:

? snooze. Yawn. Boring. Snoring

Brent Hobby says:

Great video right up to the point where you don’t put each other on GC2/4 or Trackman… that’s all we want to see, 125 mph clubhead speed same guy same day 115 same guy same day and 95 mph, same guy same day… that should cover a lot of us and the numbers would be very interesting. Do that video please

George Panoussis says:

Blah Blah Blah

massey8 says:

No numbers, no evidence. All the marketing terms used for each as opposed to what they actually do. No comparison to previous drivers. First vid I’ve watched from GW and my last, feels like every word was scripted from TM and Callaway

Brad M says:

Hmmm….the rogue went 3 for . I can't wait to see the hybrids tested.

Josh Shaffer says:

Not using mono audio helps loads

eddie brown says:

I've been playing golf for 30 years and love the game. But I'm not spending 500 damn dollars for one golf club, I don't care what they promise. If I want to save 2-3 shots a round, I'll just learn to putt better. Those Callaway and Taylormade executives will just have to drive that BMW one extra year.

SeanSauceTV says:

High quality content. Excited to see you outshine the rest of the competition!

Rickoh75 says:

What a great vlog, full of detail and a real head to head test. I’m a subscriber now

Bandit Baker says:

Superb review and comparison, well done

John Magnell says:

Clean sweep for the rogue !

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