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PGA GOLF PRO RICK SHIELS tests the TAYLORMADE M2 2017 DRIVER vs CALLAWAY GBB EPIC DRIVER in a head to head using GC2 and HMT whilst hitting Titleist ProV1's at Quest Golf Academy UK

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Matt Griffin says:

Hey rick, what kind of mat are you hitting off of? And, can you play many different courses on your machine?

Majik says:

Hey Rick thanks for the vid.. do you have a #1 driver of 2017 (epic) vs the #1 driver of 2016 (M2) coming soon?

The Moffman says:

Interesting that your numbers on the jpx 900 were better than both these clubs

cmaraza8 says:

Went to get a driver fitting earlier today… turns out the M2 was for me with the adila 70g x stiff shaft. Though I had an accident with the epic sub zero… I may or may not have cracked the face at the bottom 2 inches wide. The jailbreak really doesn't allow much give I guess haha. Sorry PGA Tour Superstore in Schaumberg, IL USA. Hope the factory can get it fixed!

Mark Goodswen says:

Stop using GOLF holes and smash it

Spencer Daniels says:

I love the video Richard, but I wish you would just shut the fuck up

timhildering says:

Hi Rick, quick question. How can it be that you hit the middle of the face and still "only" get 1.44 on efficiency? ( in comparison with Justin Thomas, he has an average smash factor of 1.52)

AtienzaLouie says:

With the weight back on the Callaway, it's no surprise the launch angle and thus spin are higher. Possibly the shaft on the Callaway has a lower kick as well, which along with the rear weight promotes a draw bias….

Justin Stephenson says:

I am an average 16-18 handicapper. Yesterday I did a club fitting on both the M2 and the Epic. The M2 is VERY LOUD, but the black/white finish makes for a nice alignment aid. For me the M2 was slightly longer (4-5 yards, M2 about 275, Epic 270). However, I ended up placing an order for the Epic. I preferred the feel of the Epic and I felt more in control of the Epic. That was matched by the numbers which showed my grouping was more consistent with the Epic.

Honest truth is they are both great clubs, perfect for someone like me, very forgiving on mishits (even the mishits went 240).

Coverman112 says:

Numbers make sense when you consider the loft in the 2 clubs, Callaway at 10 and m2 at 9.7

feasant says:

The weight on the Epic looks so cheap and nasty.

Andrew Brooke says:

Thanks for the test Rick ! Quick question.. what was the background music ?

javier castillo says:

I am planning to go to the US from Venezuela for the sole purpose of getting custom fit. 1) how can I tell when the fitter is brand bias. 2) any to get the most out of my custom fitting. For people abroad specially in south America is an important investment which we cant afford to get it wrong. Thank you.

Jose Olvera says:

Rick can you turn on your notifications to let us know when your upload a new video.

Birdie Buddy Golf says:

I would love to see a head to head between the sub zero and the M1 with the weight almost or all the way forward. Or maybe since you don't spin it very much then Pete could could compare the two because I know he uses the M1 with the spin weight pretty forward.

Jerónimo Girault Urquiza says:

Rick, is it bad for my game to hit my irons very far? My seven iron carries 192yds. But I make only 90% effort.

qudjy1 says:

So, basically not much difference. When you factor in a tiny bit more loft on the GBB, and tiny performance differences in swings / strikes, you basically have clubs that are at the very limit of allowed performance. In theory, if he used the GBB sub zero in same loft and shaft, he would have gotten the spin down, and gotten more out of it. Either way, good clubs both of them, up to personal preference…

Robb Finkey says:

you need sub zero for the lower spin

Robb Finkey says:

you would be scaring the crap outta folks on the other end of the range!!!!

Craig Bryant says:

That is impressive ball striking ??

Pro Zone says:

Thanks Rick for the great review. Looks like the M2 is straighter with dispersion 15 Vs 20.
Can you please test the M1 & M2 12 Deg heads set 1 deg open. Think there is a market here for established players at SS 97-103mph, who draw the ball. Cally only has 13.5 IMO is too much loft to open up

Eric J says:

So great to see your swing changes are paying off Rick. So much straighter compared to last year or two years ago. Congrats, I'm working on something similar.

Brad Devers says:

I'm confused about this test, wouldn't the M2 and Callaway epic subzero be a closer comparison to test against each other since they are both supposed to be low spinning drivers? Then compare the new M1 to the regular epic?

Kevin Stanley says:

Great vid Rick. I want your swing! Was actually quite surprised you didn't get further distance with the TM M2. Before you started hitting balls, you had both clubs in hand. It looked like the TM shaft was considerably longer than the Epic shaft. Then in the vid while you were discussing the numbers, you had both clubs leaning against your desk. Again TM looked longer. Can you tell us if the shafts were the same length and if not, why the TM didn't go farther for you?

Lewis Ali says:

Bag that M2 now!

Just Golf Swing says:

Great vid. However the Callaway was spinning way too high. U should get both fitted for u n test them.

Jake Riley says:

Hi rick could u do a day in a life of you

GottaLuvGolf says:

Pure ball striking Rick ! My GBB Sub Zero is on the way, can not wait to get my hands on it. Just need youre swing and I'll be sweet.

Alan Waterworth says:

Great test, result; nothing in it. All down to personal taste. (Was there any reason for doing 5 + 5 x2 as opposed to 2 x10?) I think the Callaway is prettier. But your dispersion on this is like a machine! awesome striking sir!

Paul O says:

Rick, could you explain the face to path definition? In the data it says that your face to path was mostly "open" yet you were generally hitting draws.

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