Henrik Stenson Golf Swing Analysis: Weight Shift to the Left

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William Reichert says:

The wider your stance the earlier you must start the shift left to get the
weight over to the left. That is why Henrik starts the leftward weight
shift so early.
However it you have a pause at the top you can use that extra time to
shift left.
In some of Henriks videos you can see that right before the backswing
starts he shifts his weight to the right foot.a little. A lot of pros do
this. By doing this he can start shifting to the left almost as soon as
the backswing starts. This may prevent the problem that
by shifting to the right during ( not before) the backswing causes :.
Namely it creates backward rightward momentum that must be overcome before
shifting left.

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

I would never recommend to copy someones swing. I would however recommend
copying movements of the body, if they are the correct ones. That will
allow you to move in a manner that can be both powerful and consistent once
it is ingrained. If your body motions are flawed, playing with right side
will allow you to play your best today. But you will always have flaws that
show up. If you learn the proper motions, ingrain them, then play with
right side, you will have no limitations. ~Clay Ballard

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:


RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

If you are watching the video from a mobile device (phone or tablet) the
annotations will not work. You will need to click the link in the
description. Sorry for the trouble. ~Clay Ballard

Ball Striker says:

Super vid pal 😉

Hangsengfutures says:

Two questions. Are you a Dr.? If so, why you are just pin pointing all the
stuff about using our left side of the brain. As you should aware that
golfswing should be a right brain operation, in order to create coordinated
force. Golf swing is all about knowing how to generate max angular momentum
via the coupling point. Smaller pulley, in order to get the brain to do
minimum compensation. Forget about question 2..is too heavy. am. what you
see is not what he thinks. learn neurocircuitry

Hangsengfutures says:

Thanks chuck. But most people are having illusion by just copying people’s
swing. And infact, for people who understand body enslaving effect, the
brain (right side) is coordinating all muscle in order to provide
coordinated force. Therefore with the latest of my research, golfer should
have virtually zero video experience. Good ball striking will lead to good
shape. Ken… PGA/GSEM/

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

Thank You! Good luck to you with your golf game. I will look forward to
hearing from you again soon rknop12! ~Clay Ballard

rknop12 says:

What a great analogy in the weight shift…..Thank you for the videos
buddy, they are very well done.

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

That is correct Russel! It definitely does not mean that you can not do
this and play golf well. This will be a small part of the golf swing. You
will give up a bit of speed from loosing the some drive off the right side
(only a small amount). You’ll also will have more of a tendency to not get
all the way to the left. This can cause difficulties for those struggling
to hit down and through the golf ball. Good luck with your game Russell. We
will talk again soon. ~Clay Ballard

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

Haha, no, not a doctor. Good points. You use the left side of the brain to
practice (improve motions, understanding, and work on the swing
analytically). You play golf with the right side of the brain. It should be
reaction to the shot at hand. We do talk in some detail about neuroscience
on the site. Good luck with your game hangsengfutures ~Clay Ballard

Scott Yessner says:

I’d be interested in viewing an analysis of Charles Howell’s swing., if you
had time. I wonder if his example would be of an over-cooked lag , too
steep or if the swing is ideal

russell maw says:

in watching the video i agree hehas some great fundamentals to me his
stance is okay….. he stays in balance and loads nicely. In my opinion
most players today rotate and their right hip moves back and too the target
which Henriks does ( so the load is different to your model) these are the
fundamentals of the one piece swing. Henrik has in fact moved closer to the
target with his loading not further away……………..allowing him
tocome down on plane and his lower body to rotate faster.

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

I will put that on the list. Thanks for the recommendation. ~Clay Ballard

mark van tuinen says:

No link to website for signing up

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