Henrik Stenson Golf Swing (Side and Back) @ 2009 US PGA

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CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

how far is he powering these balls? they look like they're going 290 m

themothmanreturns says:

@brh5934 in britain that means something else!

Kevin Kretovics says:

What kind of camera are you using to film these with such amazing depth of field?

golfmaniac007 says:

in the slow motion part….you can hear Fanny cutting the cheese

Martin Johansson says:

Stenson har humor. Blåsig dag.

huvudsk0tt says:

he hits the draw

Cecilia Francisco says:

I saw an interview where he said he naturally hits a fade, but I have seen him live a few times, and I never really saw it. He is constantly doing this one (right) armed swing drill (between shots) which obviously is gear to helping hit a draw.

Great player, and seems like a genuinely nice guy too!

iSeekGolf says:

Canon 5D Mark II is the camera – glad you liked it. All details in the More Info section the right

iSeekGolf says:

Yes that's Fanny – she's worked with Stenson for a while now and was Faldo's caddy prior to that.

Lee Stoll says:

is that fanny suneson? faldo's ex caddie?
She was faldo's wasn't she?

iSeekGolf says:

Shutter was set at a constant 1/4000 (it's max on video setting) and ISO was anything between 200 and 400 depending on the available light.

4nnie says:

Nice vid. Whats your camera shutterspeed, and iso? Thanks

wintersnowboard says:

yea dude i mean hes already won the players

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