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You are currently watching a video about a hidden move no one tells you about in the golf swing on how to get better. This video will really help people improve their golf and understanding of the golf swing.

If your intersted lessons then please visit the website https://www.russellheritagegolf.co.uk Online lessons are also now available and more information will be on my website soon but for now please contact me via my social media pages.

Its still free to send in your swings to the channel for some advice on what part of your swing you should work on


This channel focusses on the golf swing and discussing in detail about the areas of the golf swing that most amateurs get wrong. Each how to video explains everything a golfer needs to know so they can improve their golf game and start lowering their scores, so wheter your trying to break 100, break 90, break 80 or break 70 then this channel will help you acheieve everything you want.

I don't rely on many if any training aids with my coaching as I beleive that the change will happen once you understand what it is your really trying to do with your golf swing and once your understanding improves then you will start to make the correct swing change, I will occasionally offer drills to do as this can often improve your feel verus perception battle and help aid your cause.

I love giving golf tips however I really enjoy helping golfers with their game and love the positive feedback about golfers who I have helped with their ball striking or driving or whatever so if you like golf tips then you should subscribe.

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I'll always try to put my swing on slow motion on the camera howver this is sometimes difficult due to the set up of my driving range and I'm often looking for privacy but I agree that seeing a Professional swing in slow motion can help golfers develop.

I do use the term perfect golf swing, not because there is a perfect golf swing or perfect backswing etc however I like to discuss options in all my videos and sgtrongly beleive there are 5 or 6 things we have to do in the golf swing but there are options for golfers to choose what they want to do which is why I feel im qualified to discuss the perfect golf swing as much as anybody else.

The areas I disucss in the golf swing are hip rotation, swing plane, upper body movements, how to gain speed in your golf swing, how to use the driver, all golf swing basics, golf swing for seniors, golf swing for irons, the elbow positions and whats the best way to swing a golf club and much more.

I also do alot of club reviews with Midlands Golf and specially Ronnie and coach at Four Ashes and a friend who helps me as I'm not the most technical person when it comes to club equipment, but we talk about what are the best golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls and even golf trollys. Everyone wants to know whats the best golf club and especailly the best driver which is why we test all of the clubs and give our opinion on what the best golf clubs are.


We talk about the popular tournaments upcoming especailly the masters as this is a favourite for every golfer.

We do all of this from our happy home Four Ashes Golf Centre.

So if your keen on learning the best way to swing a golf club, the best latest golf wedge, or interested in online golf lessons, what have Taylormade golf launched now?, or is the latest Callaway driver acyually longer than the prevoius model?

Then press that subscribe buttion, ring those bells and join me on my journey into golf and who knowas where we'll end up.


Noggin says:

Great advice. The wedge under the right heel is the only way to really "feel" the resistance in the right hip and thigh needed for an effective golf swing. I've somehow managed to get through over 50 years of playing not understanding this. Recently employing this resistance has transformed my game. This message should be the first thing any new golfer learns and it's a shame it's been buried amongst the other hundreds of pieces of golf technique advice.

Hakeem Shaheed says:

Awesome discussion, Russ, Thanks!

Byww.us says:

Checkout these colorful golf balls – https://amzn.to/2XFbQBP

Damon Katos says:

I’ve been soaking up these lessons…unfortunately I’m limited to in house drills as it’s frickin raining crazy here in Texas

Dave Everitt says:

This hidden move makes it dead easy for me to hit a draw without thinking and a fade with minimal thought. Russell is teaching a nice centred rotational swing that doesn't require as much dynamic leg action as a lot of the old time pros use. This swing that he teaches, is truly a swing for a lifetime. A downswing trigger that has been a gem for me is "Sling Around". I first picture a spot on the outside of the left thigh rotating to the left. This triggers all of the good things that I would want to happen, in the correct sequence, in the downswing.

Frederick Denault says:

You hit the nail on the head on this video for me.  I was doing the drill (feet together and step lead side to hit the ball) and felt a great sensation of striking the ball better.  Somehow, during regular rounds, I began to focus on not leaving too much weight on the trail side as I started the downswing.  Slowly, my swing contact was getting worse (probably introducing hip extension/slide).  Watching this video reinforced the proper weight shift concept.  Felt the in-home practice working when viewing this video, now I'm excited to take it out to the range/course.  Thanks Russell!

Aliza says:

thank you for the tip/drill on how to move the hip back to square. (*^_^*) you answered my earlier question and now I will practice squashing!

Robbie Mutch says:

Best teacher on here.

rohit pratap says:

Can get this look easily without a ball but when video myself with a ball I can’t stop my slide on the downswing (tho my early extension has improved significantly there is still a little there). Any ‘feel-based’ drills to improve this..?

Richard James says:

More sensible thoughts and ideas – practice at the range tonight got me the right feelings – it's going to take some time to feel 'normal' but better ball striking and balance is giving me confidence – thanks Russell !

Richard James says:

More sensible thoughts and ideas – practice at the range tonight got me the right feelings – it's going to take some time to feel 'normal' but better ball striking and balance is giving me confidence – thanks Russell

Harold Pohoresky says:

Video illustartes Improved aritcuialtion concerning restriction of movement of upper thigh and pressure into the ground-pressurizing the load as it were at the top of the backswing. Weight wll stay over trail foot becuase that is the ony way you can open up your pelvis on the downswing. Brilliant explanation. Why has it taken 50 years for me to learn this? Was this not known before? Why such secrecy? Or did they (pros and teachers) do it without thinking about it like the blind squireel stumbling accross the acorn- Serendipity they call it. That is until you came along with this video (and other videos)

David Wilson says:

dropped 3 shots since I started watching your vlogs. what you say makes perfect sense and is also easy to replicate

Jonathan Costigan says:

Been trying to get away from the away for so long. Finding your instruction on weight transfer and the explanation of what to feel has been a massive help. Will be watching back through all thel vids to really nail it. Thanks.

bruce m says:

Conquer the hips (I said that to my wife—- big mistake)

e james says:

I continue to believe that people can be helped by understanding HOW the hips rotate. There is a muscle that connects the middle of the pelvic bone to the inside of the thigh bone. When it is contracted the pelvic bone must rotate on the ball of the thigh bone…….IF the rest of the body is held steady.

Mitch Y says:

another GEM from Russell. this is a fantastic drill, i use to do this to great effect. what really helps me though is putting some emphasis on applying some pressure onto the back of the ball when i start the back swing (in other words, i am focusing in on my impact condition), for me it enables me to get into more of a dynamic position though out the back swing.

majl1000 says:

Russ, been following your instruction and doing the drills which are great, the problem I have now is my 60 yard shot is going 80 yards my 80 yard shot is going 100 my 100 yard shot is going 120 etc, and I'm missing greens long and hitting bunkers off tee that used to be out of reach.
thank you for causing me this problem ???

Mike Reed says:

I just rolled up a towel and used it under my right foot to feel the pressure you are suggesting. Cheap and easy way to do it!!

is that a fact says:

i always thought the weight transferred to the lead leg just before the back swing ends ?

H Purey says:

And another thing, why would anyone dislike this video???. You are only trying to help, and done so in a really great video. One of the best ways to give tips is by finding a way that will allow us average golfers learn a way to feel what we a supposed to be doing. Once I get the feel, it is really easy to replicate it.

H Purey says:

heading out to the garage to borrow a piece of a pool float (aka noodle). If I borrow the same amount from every "noodle", then my kids shouldn't notice it …… I hope LOL.

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