Hip Rotation Drill | Ask Rory Season 3 | GolfPass

A GolfPass member asks Rory about some drills he may have to increase his hip rotation. Rory and Martin discuss a swing key that Rory has to help keep his upper and lower body in sequence his during his swing. Rory also shares his advice on stretches before a round to help you activate your muscles.

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17 thoughts on “Hip Rotation Drill | Ask Rory Season 3 | GolfPass

  1. Just a couple of observations for anyone trying to learn about hip rotation from this video. I would respectfully suggest that trying to replicate Rory’s hip / pelvic rotation will not be possible for almost all of us. Rory’s hip and pelvic rotation significantly stalls mid downswing allowing his arms and upper body to ‘match up’ and sequence his impact. This is not something he tries to do consciously, it’s a swing ‘motor control’ pattern he’s ‘naturally’ developed and had from being young and is near impossible to learn or teach. It’s almost certainly why he mentions in the video that he’s “never had to think about or work on hip rotation”, it’s inherent in his swing. Oh, and working in an office doesn’t give you “tight hips”, I don’t know where Rory picked this up from but it’s pseudoscience and one of many ‘medical myths’ out there.

  2. Very interesting! I always thought he’s a left side dominant player just by looking at his swings. Another example of how feel vs real can be so different. Will try this out and see how it feels. Thank you Rory for sharing as always! ?

  3. If this video wasn't enough check out padraig harrington channel here on utube. He's got a at least one if not two videos on how to move your hips/pelvis in the golf swing.

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