HIP TURN IN THE GOLF SWING how WRONG have we been, the garage sessions in LA

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There's a lot of debate in the golf world about how important the hip turn is in the golf swing. In this video, I discuss why I believe that the hip turn is one of the most important aspects of the swing and how you can use it to improve your game.

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H says:

So….. Basically just rotate more? And try to push down into the ground more in order to jump at impact. Summary please, this is lazy editing.

Billy T says:

Should a man of this age wear a baseball cap backwards? Askin for a mate.

Todd Little says:

Really impressive learning

mark van tuinen says:

Might have helped him but i could not tell what i should be striving for–machine visual was unintetrepatable. Torque?

Leon Berkowitz says:

Great video always thought as a senior golfer that I should flair both feet out. In my youth I was an ardent Hogan advocate so set up with my back foot square but always flailed my lead foot. I have played to single figures but have always fought a pull. Checked my feet flexibility and am able to rotate my lead foot quite easily so no flexibility issues I can think of. My ball striking has improved ten fold since I have squared my feet up and am back playing to singles figures again. Thank you for giving me that ah ha moment. Back to enjoying my golf again

Paul O'Neil says:

Would love to have seen #17 Maple Leaf Captain Wendel Clark's slapshot forces measured on the Catalyst Force Plate in his prime – he was a complete killer on the ice.

Freddie Meikle Golf says:

Love this! too easy to go for the low hanging fruit haha

Absolutely agree that strike and all sorts fall apart when the vertical movements are increased …the rotational nature is harder to achieve but better results long term

Need me some plates!

Richard Riker says:

fascinating piece and a lot of interesting (and confusing) physics.

M A says:

Interesting Video, lots of science to absorb, the take away for me is the feeling of torque and foot position, relative to body position. Thanks

sburkeyboy says:

I love his analogies

Jordan Kvanvig says:

What is a garge?

kipling visintini says:

wtf????nice you should play with lexi.you swing like her.lmfao

Frank says:

If timed correctly, I can literally jump and move my front foot away from the ball at the poc. It means I've "pushed off the ground" before poc, maximizing the vertical forces.

Basically do what Kyle Berkshire and Bubba Watson does. They literally jump and move their front foot way from the ball by about a foot. Can't do that if vertical and sheer forces are not timed well.

Jim Golding says:

In 10 years time there will be new tech that tells us we were doing it all wrong haha. So if i just dont change my swing at all i should be fine 🙂

saint patrick says:

the British swing room are so bloody fancy compared to the garage swing man.

WordClouds says:

I think 'clockwise' and 'counterclockwise' when I practice this. Each fore foot is the minute hand on a clock. I just turn the minute arm from lets say from 00:30 to 16:30 on the trail foot during the downswing – in response the body rotates.
Direction and magnitude of the force vectors is not difficult; it is simply a push-jump with a 1/4 turn towards the target while keeping the center in place.
The difficulty lies in the timing: right foot starts pushing towards target before the backswing is complete (separation) and turns vertical before impact; left foot counteracts and pushes up, starting before the shaft is in the horizontal, as well with max before impact. You feel it best in the balls and bones of the big toes (get off the heels to feel it; keep a positive shin angle of the trail leg). My guess is that people who start the downswing with their arms might be late with either foot.
Quite important: the better the posture ( bend in the hips, shoulder blades together, belly in etc.) and the more passive the upper body in the swing the easier this foot driven motion is.
Practice barefoot.

John Dunigan says:

Great Video! Scott Lynn really knows his stuff!

WordClouds says:

Percy Boomer 'On Learning Golf', 1942, for correct timing of the foot work. Best golf book available. One of the principles of Percy Boomer is that the feet never stand still and they are always ahead in the movements. Interesting to see how little golf teachers seem to understand of what they are supposed to teach. 🙂 (I am not an expert, just referring to Percy Boomer).
Referring to Percy Boomer, your waggle is 'wrong', Mark; it sets you up for an arm dominated swing. The waggle should be a response to the rotation of the body, not wrist action, not independent, not leading the body.
I think foot work ( timing, magnitude and direction of the force vectors) should be the main and essential basic training for a golf swing.

TeddyCavachon says:

Something you might want to experiment with is to flare feet inside of your shoes at address to pre-torque the legs. It is a trick I first saw Steve Elkington mention in one of his videos and trying it I found it made a significant difference in my swing for the better.

Seven Oranges says:

I need to see this series of videos over and over again. So a feeling of casting is "good" as long as my clubhead does not pass my hands by impact?

Golf-hawk says:

Another 💎 gem! If I can call you out. I must call you up for a bow. Stellar content explaining difficult terms in auditory and visual ways. Great props! Excellent video Mark!

genoa49 says:

Has to be a Toronto boy, by the look of the jerseys hanging there.

Scott Blencowe says:

Single most impactful golf instruction video I've seen – First speed training session, never written down more than one 120mph+ swing per session – added nine pencil strokes in my notebook today. Warm beer and soggy chips on me.

Ben Pennington says:

Pull up on the club handle makes the club head go down. Please explain what laws of physics are being obeyed here?

okolekahuna says:

This vlog was really good.

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