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Eddie Harrington says:

Hi Nick im a left handed golfer and my usual swing on the way back my right foot is coming right off the ground and on the follow through my swing dips and collasping. i have now started the stack and tilt and im probally keeping 90% of my weight on my front foot through the back swing is this correct. really need your help because im so fed up with my golf game and thinking about giving it up. thanks nick

wbuncewb says:

hi Nick why am I still feeding stroke slicing my driver my irons are cool and crisp

Leemz100 says:

You mention that ideally you should be hitting down slightly on the ball but at the 4:40 mark of the video you show a still image of a player who is clearly about to hit UP on the ball. I've never heard anyone advise hitting down on the ball with the driver, regardless of swing style as it imparts too much backspin and will rob you of distance.

David Hall says:

I can now relate to this Nick after your advice this morning. Thanks for spending time setting up my new M2 driver, and the extra swing advice, good luck with the channel and I will be in touch regarding a lesson or two.

GALA Tolik says:

Good day, Nick. I feel like your hips and shupders are a a little openly preset to the target, which is easier for turning and tilting?

Bryan Brady says:

Hey Nick, love your videos, you're doing a great job! With the Driver during setup, I keep my upper body centered and move my hips towards the target, your explanation of this has helped me greatly. On the back swing, is it crucial to keep my head absolutely still because I find that my head is leaning a little to the left towards the tartget at the top of the back swing? Cheers

Joseph Davis says:

Stack and tilt is what helped me years ago to get my driver straightend out. Great video.

megwich says:

Nick, how high would you suggest we tee the ball up – I use the 2 1/4 castle tee currently?

TheJimmy says:

Nick my left thumb slides off the grip and I end up hitting the ball like I am holding a cricket bat. I am amazed that people can play without a glove.

Birdies & Bogeys With Bazza says:

In 6 minutes you have just perfectly described what I think is my natural swing…. I must be a natural stack n' tilter?

Jaemin Lee says:

Good video nick, wanted to know if you con do a hybrid and 3 wood video off the deck. To me there the two club that are the hardest to hit. Ty

Golf Geek says:

I watched Rick shiels the other day and I swear he doing stack and tilt with his swing ??

bibilolo78 says:

thanks!great video
getting back in flexion is for me the hardest things during the golf swing (with the driver)

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