Hit Further and More Consistently using this Shoulder Tilt Drill

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Increased shoulder tilt in the follow-through is crucial to hitting high, explosive golf shots. GOLFTEC's VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater explains in this segment featured on Golf Channel.

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barry nicholas says:

The really good player looks awful.

Dog lover JB says:

looks like it would be bad for your back…definitely not senior friendly.

Kevin Steele says:

I'm confused. I thought that hitting down on the ball with irons was the key to higher ball flight and that shoulder tilt was how you accomplished that.

Billy C says:

Good stuff…I go from really nice ball striking to playing like a 25 HC and this is the difference between good golf and poor outing for me. Fortunately I now know what it is and maybe I can keep this from sneaking back into my swing.

g p says:

That would give me a really sore back

Michael Fischer says:

Shoulder tilt won’t help if your main problem is releasing the club too early. The high handicapper can’t tilt his shoulders because he will bury his club in the turf. He’s actually standing up through impact to avoid the turf. Just look at the impact position and you’ll understand. Early release is the problem, not shoulder tilt. Shoulder tilt will come naturally with improved lag.

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