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I bet you would love to hit solid drives on a regular basis. Nothing beats a clean strike that goes soaring down the middle of the fairway. The kind of shot that feels like you didn't hit that ball at all. There is no twisting of the club face through impact resulting in shots that spray all over the course. No stinging feeling left in your hands after a mis-hit. In this video I am going to walk you through one trick to start hitting more solid drives, the specific place on the club head to hit the ball, and to add distance without swinging any harder.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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์™„๊ฐ• says:

decelleration before impact is very important as long as you feel the weight of the club head ,so just good motion doesnt garautee good shot

Ron Murphree says:

I tried the foot powder trick and it worked great! I discovered that I was consistently hitting my irons slightly toward the toe. I adjusted my set up and started flushing my irons. I was hitting my driver slightly low and towards the heel so I can work on that next

Ross Duff says:

OK! I measured the face on my driver the angle is a couple of degrees more as I get higher on the face. I teed up a ball about a half inch higher than normal gave it about a 30% swing. It went higher and travelled quite a bit farther than the swing of the same power at my normal tee height. I also hit the ball higher on the clubface just a bit off centre toward the toe. Surprised the hell outa me!!

Stephen King says:

Swing the club in claymotion

J. Cesar. says:

Best lesson on driving I've come across

Marcel Walsh says:

Well done Clay – #1 Golf Coach on YouTube !

KP42 Price says:

I have real good club head spread distance but my slice is cleaner than a new razor. Any tips on stopping the slicing? I donโ€™t slice my irons and actually have a good draw on them. The driver just feel odd approaching it the same way.

K R says:

AMAZING !! You are the 1st that addresses falling back after the swing ( which I have) as a problem. And now –
I had. Your visualization with a baseball pitcher helped me a great deal. THXXXX

Phillip Berggren says:

Hi Clay! I really enjoy your videos from here in Norway. I have a question about smash factor.

Like you have mentioned previously, you can generate a lot of club head speed by basically only using your arms. If you hit with an arm swing from the rough your club will stop early. The recoil/resistance of the hit will affect you a lot. If you instead are using your big muscles and have a good connection with your body, the club will not stop that early in the rough. It's a stronger/heavier hit, that will not be affected that much of the recoil/resistance of the hit.

Will it be the same with the smash factor when hitting the ball because of the ball's resistance and the recoil from it? Will an arm swing result in a little less ball speed (even though it's the same swing speed) than a heavy, body dominated swing like Henrik Stenson or Rory McIrloy?

I would imagine that's true, and one person can have less ball speed (and smash factor) than another, even though they have the same attack angle, club speed and both hit the ball dead center on the face.

1themex says:

Clay can you do a video for people that have a bigger frame? Im on the heavy side I believe the lack of the ability to rotate i lose distance. I would appreciate you make a video to maximize my rotation and weight shifting to get my distance.

Glenn Watson says:

300 yard drives!! Does your husband play golf too? ๐Ÿ™‚

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