Hit The Ball Then The Turf | FLATBALL Training Aid Review

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Carl Campbell says:

Clay can you please take a look at the training aid called "Slot Machine" that lays on the ground? I bought one and it is very interesting because it shows the users very specific "grooves" in backswing and downswing that prevent hitting the ground.

bill.lopez says:

Wonder about using the flat ball on the divot board? That way you can actually hit something ..

Robert Neely says:

Can this product be used on grass at the range or is it best used on a mat or some other type of artificial flooring at home?

Darren Cain says:

Just place tee flat a ball width behind ball. If you don't hit it, good chance you have hit ball then ground with compression. Cost 3 cents.

jelly baby says:

"Hit Them In The House
They Wont Damage Anything
Unless You Hit Something Glass"

Glenn Watson says:

I have seen these things in the store. They are cheap but I was still suspicious.

UF1 says:

Basically useless is what im hearing.

Mike says:

You need a training aid playlist!

Daniel Fisher says:

How much for lessons I live in lake Mary

reddevil7140 says:

Put the flat ball on the divot mat

G V says:

Lot of difference between $8 and $140. (Product +tax + shipping = $140+).

DJ-Flights says:

Clay, how on earth do we keep rotating through impact if we are also straightening the left leg by the end of the swing? I am stuck on this. There is s fine line between standing through impact and straightening the left leg while rotating. I know you've done videos on rotating through impact, but can you address the difference? How do we push the left shoulder back and around without standing?

Ian Brassett says:

Youd have to be absolute div(ot) not to get the board

Greg D says:

Thanks Clay for the great videos. I just bought the divot board hopefully it will improve my Iron play and helps you keep bringing us great videos!!!

Stuart Baker says:

Hi Clay, nice review as always. However, may I suggest that the flatball is worth 2 points more than you’ve given it for the effect it has on most mediocre golfers. I’ve shown it to them and their jaws just drop – they never realized how shallow before and through impact the clubhead must be! Their downswing has been vertical all their lives and the flatball just makes them immediately re-assess their whole swing. I think this the real benefit.

DaLooch says:

I can't do.it..I cannot have a swing thought to hit the ball then divot. I challenge you to fix my swing to hit the ball first. Sometime I can hit the ball first but no divit. Might need a lobotomy first but I need help. FRUSTRATED!!!

Rick Rewerts says:

Wow, you have really been working hard lately into turning this into Top Speed Training Aids Superstore… 😒

Brian Wade says:

Bottle caps work great as well!

Sledge Thomas says:

Great content as always Clay! Now if u could just send me one of those divot boards that’d be great lol or a Ping driver your call amigo

Linda schmidt says:

Aw, please shave your beard, can’t see your hot face! Your still the best!

0331 says:

I looked up the price and figured for that price I’d rather fly down and take a lesson with Clay😂

btntx says:

The divot board would be expensive at $50. But $120?!!! I’ll pass.

Tom Pater says:

are you hearing some sound this flatball is making when contact is pure??? using it for last 5seasons and it is awsome simple training add

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