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Today Aimee is going to show you how to maximize performance with your hybrid!
Aimee talks about
1. Importance of the ball position
2. Practice swings using a coin

Watch how Aimee magically turns golf lessons into a simple and an enjoyable learning experience!

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Tom Donnelly says:

I used to hit my hybrids great. Lately, I can't seem to hit them at all. Hopefully these tips will help. Thanks.

212southsherman says:

Thank you for the videos. All are so easy to understand. I used the throwing concept with the driver today and gained a ton of extra distance from normal for me. Can you do some more explanation on mastering the lowering of the body before initiating the downswing, maybe some drills on this idea?

Alan Ball says:

Wow she hit that coin further than my ball lol. just kidding Hybrids are best club in the bag. Most consistent straight club over 190 yards+. Great explanation on separation though, helps a lot with timing.

Sunday Chombe Olweny says:

Aimee thanks today i understood the concept of upper and lower body separation especially on the longer clubs!

storyteller Lyndon says:

wow nice and interesting video i clicked LIKE ,SUBSCRIBED but waiting for new uploading

kidagave1 says:

Aimee, will eating KimChee help my golf game?

matteo aldegheri says:

If I use the separation as you recommend, I spin with my hips and I make slice, how I can fix it?

shakamaker2008 says:

Interesting instruction on separation of club lengths…excellent info…thanks Aimee

Alan Sparks says:

your swing is perfect. easy and relaxed . your lessons are easy to follow . thanks.

abbas hussein says:

Thanks Aimee for your very simple and easy to understand instructions with so many practice exercises. You have addressed all of the problems I have been having as a beginner.

Cool Cliftop says:

These videos are great, you are hitting all the key points I have been struggling with.
I can't wait to get to the range. Thanks Aimee!

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