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►It is no secret that if you hit the golf ball further then the game gets that little bit easier. Ball striking with your irons can help you hit the ball further without trying to add speed.
The general consistency of strike and flight will allow you to focus on hitting greens in regulation rather than mishits that will invariably lead you to trouble.

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If you're based in Dubai, you can contact Andy at Peter Cowen Golf Academy at Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai on +971 4433 7777 or check out our website https://www.dubaigolf.com/golf/peter-cowen-academy-at-jumeirah-golf-estates/meet-the-team/
Andy Carter is a Golf Teaching Professional based at the Peter Cowen Golf Academy at Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai.

Andy Carter's coaching style is aimed to be simple and informative to help you
whether it be helping to cure your slice, teaching you to understand your technique, how to chip or pitch and even the occasional putting tip.

The content you will find on this YouTube channel will be informative golf tips that will help you improve not only your golf swing but your golf game in the sole purpose of lowering your scores and enjoying golf more & more.
Other content will include golf club reviews and golf accessories which can help you improve your understanding of what to buy as the market is constantly changing and being saturated by brands.
A lot of the content you will find on the channel is of Andy Carter being out on the golf course showcasing real-life scenarios and shot that all golfers will encounter on the course. If you can improve these areas of your game then for sure scores will lower.
Popular content throughout the years has been golf course vlogs,with Andy either playing against the golf course in his Carter vs Golf series, or playing against fellow PGA professionals, Tour professionals and even amateurs. This content is not only a great watch but also a great learning experience for viewers.


Happy golfing ⛳⛳


BenH says:

Any chance you could do a vid where you show some drills about how to draw and fade the ball? Your content is proper no nonsense golf instruction! Love it!

George Mazuran says:

Hi Andy , just started watching you as I watch your 3 amigo mates , great video mate love the explanation of hands at impact , returning golfer from down under .

Neil Taylor says:

Mr Carter your the best loving the videos always to the point & very clear in your explanation roll on Monday when can get down the range put it into practice 🏌️‍♂️⛳😎

justin howell says:

Andy you are a magician, I've used your wedge and iron videos which have transformed my game. My irons are now taking divots, nice job, kerp the content going.

John S says:

Should all 3 of the tips you note be done simultaneously or in a sequence? Just found your channel from the other golf ytbers your 4 some last week!

HampshireGary says:

Great video Andy, keep it up 👍

Jay Listed says:

Broke 90 for the 3rd time today thanks in LARGE part your videos but more specifically this one!!!
Wish I could take actual lessons with you!

Ben Lemoi says:

Great info definitely describes me to a T. Can’t wait to give it a try

Malcolm A. says:

A bit of extra distance would be very welcome just now so yes this vlog will probably be very useful.
Really liking your new boost on vlogs – quality stuff

Matthew Davis says:

Great video! I do have a question about my grip in regards to your points. I do video my swing from both behind and from face on. I find my swing path, connection, rotation, weight transfer are all pretty good right now, yet I still struggle with a l flip right at impact. My question is if I have strong grip, could working more towards a neutral grip or even a weaker grip help with me flipping my club head at impact??

Andrew Porteous says:

Would you ever recommend starting your swing with a forward press? I recently tried that at the range and it helped me be more consistent with strike/impact after the ball.

Saad Ur-Rehman says:

hum the real question being – why should i not use my 7 iron instead of 9 iron ; decreasing loft on 9 iron will have similar ball flight and same staying power on green

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