Hitting The Low Stinger Punch Golf Shot

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Hitting The Low Stinger Punch Golf Shot
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tweetweettiger says:

Important to keep in mind the upper body generates a lot more power than a
normal golf swing. Forward pressed hands plus not turning over the hands
over thru impact (keeping firm left wrist) is important if your ball flight
is curving to the left. Good way to gauge if you are doing this if at
follow thru when the club is extended, the toe of the club remains to the
right of the heel until the club makes its way around the body…this way
you know the path of the ball should not be headed left of center. hope
that helps!

Gino L says:

Good video Rick. Alot of times when I try this shot I can hit it low with
less spin but I have problems with direction. Probably because of this
“different” swing to get the ball down. Do you have any tips to help with
hitting your target beyond hitting more of them to get comfortable?

Swelex SoSl says:

I’m sry bt how is 100 mph clubhead speed “Gentle”? haha, I hit around 95-98
with a 7-iron, havent tried on trackman/flightscope with any other.

Sgt Pepper says:

This is a shot I like to hit into the wind even with a 9 iron

jamie mclaren says:

Good tip Rick, will have a bash of that little jem ta.

Oliver Preston says:

Great video rick, cheers


is the SLDR Driver in the bag there Rick?

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