Hogan’s Mystique

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John Greco says:

Song is called "London" from the Blood Diamond movie soundtrack, in case anyone was wondering


I finally figured out how he did it. I'm hitting the ball litteraly 50-100 yards further

leo peng says:

still watching this video. 2016

SNO says:

Best golf video ever. Cant stop watching more than 10 times a day

Teppo Einari says:

0:10 most beautiful ball flight i've ever seen

see you later says:

Thank you so much

see you later says:

Superb Golf Swings with Superb Music. I love it.

Chen Masters says:

great video, I've watched it at least 300 times now but i can't help but notice there were different versions of hogan, body wise and swing wise just like tiger, however tiger still hasn't compensated to a more efficient swing since he is older now. Until Tiger finds a way to hit the darned fairway, he won't be a threat at the majors.

Ro C says:

Poetry in motion.

D Slatts says:

Hogan during his rounds had to stop aiming at the flag stick; he would actually hit the stick at least three times a round on his approaches but the ball would hit it hard and leave longer putts. So, he started aiming just off the stick.

bizallin says:

Hogan's shot @:10 and @1:05   watch ball.

Michael Schröder says:

Well, it´s Ben.

Jonathan Lynch says:

4 people dislike this?


kilroy escalante says:

This man,More Norman ,Mike Austin,and Mickey are the best ever to learn from.

paul gearon says:

has to be the greatest ever ball striker,is he the best ever golfer,my opinion,i carnt pick, bobby jones,ben,sam snead,seve  has to be close,between bobby and ben for me.

ulises meza says:

excelente video!! grande ben hogan el mejor jugador de golf

sandman4224 says:

The best Hogan compilation and song, yet 🙂

jon521 says:

Where or what film is the Augusta National scenes from, and is it available somewhere?

Ozcanberrakid7 says:

Nope u wouldn't find it

MartialGolf says:

That advise always cracks me up….If I had the ability to practice 10 hours a day and devote my life to golf, I'm sure I could find it "in the dirt." But given that my wife would divorce me, I'd lose my job, and my kid wouldn't know who I am, I think I'll stick to a teacher and copy the advice of my pro. 🙂

Ez TheElf says:

This song seems mysteriously created for this video and this Hogan swing—Nice piece of work!!! Amazing how the drums bang time and again in perfect timing with Mr. Hogan's awesome strike at impact!! Well, they say that when his woods (real woods back then) impacted the ball, heads turned at the sound of that mighty "crack."

gmonkey808 says:

The secret is on youtube !

Ez TheElf says:

The real "KING" of golf. An INSTITUTION. THE HAWK is coming for you.

Striker 333 says:

What an athletic golf swing! Wow! What an athlete!

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