Holly Sonders agrees to be junior golfer’s prom date if he wins Junior Amateur

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Holly Sonders made a bet with junior golfer Andrew Orischak's father that she will go to his prom if he wins the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship.


Max Avery says:

He has won now hasn't he?

Howdy Folks says:

She's even supplying the condoms

Shawn Taylor says:

His internal monologue: "Look at the camera, look away. Look at the camera, look away…don't look at her boobs, don't look at her boobs"

Javier Valles says:

Hope he wins! One hell of a date, nice.

Mohd Shabri says:

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Marlon Mancia says:

Lol I bet he thinking bout that pussy hahah

Benjamin Ferguson says:

Lucky bastard is gunna get that pussy at prom isn't he

Deronne Kincaid says:

Awesome!!!!! That Holly Sonders wow!!!! She's HAWT!!!! HAWT!!!!!

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