Holly Sonders and Natalie Gulbis: Golf Swing Analysis

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I knew you would want to watch this one. These are two interesting ladies in the golf business, one of whom plays the Tour (Natalie) and one who commentates (Holly), but both are known for being about the most attractive women in the game. I was able to grab her breasts Holly's swing from TV last week at the tournament in Palm Springs, and of course Natalie's is all over YouTube. The comparison is interesting since Natalie is the better player, having won on Tour and managing to stay out there for years with what can only be described as an odd swing. Holly's swing is much more conventional, as are the problems we see with it, namely poor use of ground forces to engage the midsection, a better use of which would enable her to produce a much more effective strike with every club. Gulbis is a mystifying subject as her swing has not produced the results that everyone had hoped for and yet it has not changed much over a long period of time in spite working with Butch Harmon. There may be many reasons for that, and I am not privy to the inside scoop there, but it doesn't seem like it would be such a stretch to improve her right arm position in the backswing.

Anyway, at the end of the video I ask the viewers to choose Holly or Natalie, and it can be on any basis you want it to be. Just choose one. We will keep score.

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Jon Allsop says:

Hahaha, best analysis by far. Natalie does have special genetic
abilities….apart from the ones you mention….she apparently has an extra
vertebrae in her neck. Think Butch said it makes some things harder to work

Hello World1214 says:

This is the first time I have disagreed with WayneD. On Holly Sonders’
swing, I think her problem is not that she is not using her muscles in her
midsection, but that she is getting *too* tight and “locked up” in the
midsection. This is why her body snaps together with her hips- she is
pulling them together and locking down. It would be best if she relaxed the
left side of the torso so that it can stretch and lengthen, while firing
through with the right arm.

Miguel Rionda says:

Holly, no doubt. Nat’s backswing is not pretty. … I wonder what Sneds
shot. Lol. … and btw the caddie holding the pin had the best view of that
putt. I know what he was thinking. 

Dan Mowry says:

Upfront: I’m a hack. Having said that, though, that’s a very weird swing
Natalie has there.

Buddy de Joya says:

Very good analysis on the video Wayne… And you are so funny!!! I like
the way your mind works! =)

x sauceda says:

Holly exhibits major silicone interference on the downswing. other than
that, Everything’s Fine.

jeffrtube says:

interesting how I just watched another swing analyst discuss Holly, and he
raved over her swing, and how it had the key to power about it,
specifically, her very large shoulder turn and modest hip turn at top of
backswing. The “power angle” or whatever it’s called, the differential
between shoulder turn and hip turn, the bigger the better.

But Holly herself has said in interviews she doesn’t have much power

I don’t think in all the videos of Mr Defrancesco I’ve watched that he’s
paid much mind to the shoulder/hips angle difference as being a key to

swisheryan says:

You are funny Wayne. Good video. lol

art bell says:

I’d split either of those ho’s in half! I hear they both love BBC

Villafarris says:

That’s a pretty girl but that’s such an ugly swing.” Tin Cup.

myswingevolution . says:

Holly wins!!!

shaggybx says:

I met Natalie the other day,she is super cool,nice person

Phil Clare says:

Also played with fellow Cobra user Rickie Fowler

natollys says:

I laughed so much I started to cry…great analysis. 

jp5150vh says:

Great analysis Wayne ! Also, LMAO !!!!!

canefan17 says:

Women bring their heels off the ground more because #1 they are more
flexible than men and they abuse that in the backswing. And #2 they are
quad dominant where men on hamstring dominant. 

sasquatchtour says:

Natalie has better ball control. 

Provee1 says:

I pick Holly any day!!!

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