Holly Sonders on Tiger finishing second at the 2018 PGA Championship | GOLF | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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Holly Sonders joins the show to talk golf. Hear what she had to say about Tiger Woods and the 2018 PGA Championship.

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Holly Sonders on Tiger finishing second at the 2018 PGA Championship | GOLF | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Speak For Yourself

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Speak For Yourself with Cowherd and Whitlock says:

Will Tiger win a tournament this year?

bigmaxy07 says:

I'm sure all the Rory's and Speiths are quite happy in the shadow pulling $200k for coming 14th thanks to Tiger.

Jay Cobernuss says:

Doug doesn't know Golf!! Greg Jennings knows more about golf and Holly is a G!

Jay Cobernuss says:

doug hates tiger!! Holly is G!!

scott clayton says:

It's over.

Bob D says:

Twenty-two male professional golfers have won majors at 42 or older. Who is this idiot that said only one had?

Thomas B says:

8:00 GREAT POINT! How many batters would like to face Ryan and Koufax? How many NBA players would like to face MJ in his prime?

Keith Oconnell says:

She was already good looking, whats with all the plastic surgery. Looks creepy now.

Mdmchannel says:

Rory came in 50th place. Only he can fix himself.

bld9696 says:

This is the worst panel I have ever seen. I hope they never get another show. What is "wiltered"?

R. Taylor says:

Tiger will never get out of Karma's way… You reap what you so…and if Jack nicklaus didn't retire at 46 who knows how much more he would have accomplished

R. Taylor says:

Holly needs to stop the plastic surgery and botox or fire her make up artist and just age gracefully and naturally… Holly your beautiful but your face looks like it's going to fall off and your overly botox lips looks to be giving you a hard time when you talk…bad plastic surgery can not be fixed… Just saying!

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