Holly Sonders Reads Your Cheesiest Golf Pickup Lines | GOLF.com

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We asked for your best golf-related pick up lines, and Fox Sports reporter Holly Sonders was kind enough to read them aloud — from the good to the bad to the truly ugly.

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jack Holmes says:

She almost smiled on that last one

fradaja says:

hotter dressed down

Stephen Pruszenski says:

In golf, I think at some point an incredibly beautiful and sexy pro female golfer must eventually choose between hacking it out on tour, or cashing it in and make your looks fill your checking account. How's Ms. Gulbis been doing on tour lately?

FitFast8 says:

Holly what have you done to yourself?!

the1realanalogman says:

Not directed at her: "Let me show you how I use my long iron in the tall, wet stuff". Ouch, that's embarrassing…

cgasucks says:

Sexiest MILF in golf…

Andy M says:

Hey Holly..can you help me with my extention??

MRutledge134 says:

well this sucked.

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