Holly Sonders SHORT SKIRT SO HOTT! at Quail Hollow!

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john white says:

Hello Mr Starter 

Robert Harris says:

Her face looks like a horse

ubb4me says:

No one ever called her a lady. Oh well, its better than looking at her

archmichael04 says:

tiger woods would have liked this if only she were blonde

Hank Stone says:

I just smashed my computer display with my tongue.

UltimateStealth says:

Lol great strategy distract the other golfers

zzg8dr says:

Uuuuhhh… I wanne be in that flight!!!!

lisahunny27 says:


Tony Starks says:

I don’t get why you stopped recording?!?!?! I wanted to see more of that
aaahh…approach as she set up for her tee shot…haba. You can also see
how uncomfortable the guy is…”Should I look? Nah…wait I have shades
on…nah…damn…” #TheStruggle

Deepak kumar says:

Looks like refree is having a peepshow

bigmike5494 says:

“I wanna be in that group!!!!!”

Chul Chang says:

Amazing view indeed…

Equiano Devonte says:

That old man is about pass out looking at that behind.

Johan Johansson says:

she knew exctly what she was doing lol

5drum5 says:

Why didn’t Tiger dig into Holly when he was on his sex tour! At least that
is some quality tail.


You are so sad!!

conor lawrenson says:

0:17-0:21, watch the starter!!

jdmars011 says:

Holy mother of Gawd!..that poor old starter guy is gonna have a heart

Whiteyruss1 says:

ZOOM Please

96chadams says:

haha stop teasing me!!

dunayea says:

future porn star

rczzo says:

Why can’t the foursome be “behind” this group?

5drum5 says:

It looks like that starter is about ready to pass out or have a stroke! So
funny to watch the male species. Checking that ass out!!

carldawgh says:

that is just embarassing..

FecesHurlingMonkey1 says:

that made my putter stiff

OogleyOogleyBoogley says:

Hahaha. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

Michael Daniel Paisley Henderson says:

Back in the old “traditional” days your blatant homosexuality would also be
deemed “inappropriate” for the golf course… But it’s 2013 look at what
kind of people we have playing now adays i.e. Golf Boys… Consider this
case rested…

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