Holly Sonders ‘The Most Beautiful Women in Golf photo shoot with Marc Serota for Golf Mag

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Jay Walter says:

of course she loves basketball…..big feet….big meat….size queeen

Jay Walter says:

I am not a stalker but her face makesme rethink

ndoor33353 says:

I would like to doggie fuck her with my big cock and shoot a big load into her pussy.

pwadspikes says:

Which of the touring pros have rooted her?

tigerbalm says:

Tomboy my ass, she loves the money and clothes more than anything, said so herself.

K G-unit says:

you can sign my banana

juniornac1 says:

And to think Michael Scott is hitting that kids! Follow your dreams anything is possible.

note2owns says:

I have a 9 iron she could use. I prefer the finger lock grip…..LOL

Thunder Paw AJ says:

Not only is she beautiful, she is very intelligent and a good golfer. She represents Golf Channel well.

Elvis Iseverywhere says:

She's not really that hot. It's like Danica Patrick, she's "sports hot". In an ordinary setting, she'd just be another above-average looking woman.

gary rocco says:

False Ta-Tas make her a phony over such naturally well endowed players. 

Can't agree she belongs in the ranks. 

Alan S. says:

I use to watch lessons from the pros until she started starring in the show.  She is so conceited and fake.  She's all about Holly.  

rucker369 says:

Michelle Wie is the most beautiful female athlete of all times then Maria Sharapova followed by Ana Ivanovic.
Holly Sonders not bad looking, not beautiful

Rocco Gant says:

she definitely draws WOOD…!!

cgasucks says:

Don't get me wrong, she's hot for someone in her late 30s. Wait, she's under 30? Could've fooled me. She looks like a cougar.

tigerbalm says:

she look better in golf attire…lose the hooker stuff if yo say you're a tomboy…

Richard Holt says:

She not only a cutie but she has one hell of a golf swing. Would love to play around with her. She could help my game, fur sure. Keep up the great work Holly Sonders.

canefan17 says:

Alright which one of you was she describing at :17 ?

maeu59 says:

She said she has a fake tooth but she forgot the fake boobs.

Alkapownz says:


L Duranceau says:

Holly Sonders, the heaviest make up of any female golfer in history.

FloridaRaider says:

she could do so much better than that douche Erik Kuselias. 

Lt. Weinberg says:

Oh I'm such a tomboy

david zilkowski says:

Without the sound on, watch 0:160:22 where Holly explains the subtle difference between Tiger Woods and Arnie. 

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