HONEST REVIEW: The Expensive Taylormade M5 Driver (2019)

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James Neil says:

Hi Simon, good to see honest reviews.
With you liking honesty I’ve got to say I feel your reviews are not backed up with anything other than an opinion.
Would be great to see some actual numbers as to how it performs against last years M3 and Epic Flash which has just been released.
With regards your price, I popped into my local pro shop and have had a fitting with the M5 and Epic Flash and the RRP is £449 NOT £499. Not very professional to give your followers incorrect information.
I agree with you regards pricing that it’s gone expensive but they are all doing it and are all £449.
Be great if you could give a comparison to others as my local golf store did this and Taylormade came out tops based on my club head speed ranging between 95-105.
Really looking forward to seeing the new ping driver, maybe you could get a launch monitor and give some numbers which are fact based.
I’ve been looking at your videos and love all the trick shot stuff, I recognise your course being Burford Golf Club as I played there last year in a golf day.

Liam Francomb says:

Like the video, dontlipe new golf gear. The manufactures are taking the piss, anyone with any sense buys 2nd hand gear 4-5 years old

Andy Holt says:

So brutally honest. Thank you for doing this!

Ed Zamarron says:

Thank you so much for the most honest review I have ever seen. I have been a huge fan of Taylormade for years. I was buying a new driver every year, but at $549 US dollars, Taylormade has jumped the shark and lost touch, as you say. Unless a driver is giving me 30 extra yards right out the box, I'm sticking with my M1. So long TM, but it's not my responsibility to pay these over paid tour pros.

Charles Luciuk says:

? awesome review keep em coming…I play an old Cleveland launcher dst I grabbed for 20.00 and do just fine

danthemanwhocancan says:

Reminds me of a girl I dated in 1999 (she knows who she is) looked beautiful on top but unfortunately she had a nasty underside. ?

cahal21 says:

Make it sound like this is only Taylormade. Callaway, new Ping, Titleist are all at the same price point. Don't have to like it and by all means grab last year's gear for cheaper but they are all the same, TM is no worse.

Roy Farley says:

The new M7 and M8 will be out soon. You will be able to buy this driver for half the price.

yakkyuu12 says:

I think he forgot to ALSO ADD in the UPGRADE PRICE of the upgrading of the shaft, I also think getting personalized fitting is an ADDED COST- This is EASILY all together $700 = driver, upgrade shaft, personal fitting and your preference in a grip— NOT adding in sales tax!!!

Lee Fitzsimmons Golf says:

One of the best honest reviews out there, too many fellow you tubers just focus on the top brand bum licking for a product review to secure a place for their next product.

Keep up the good work mate, good luck with the long drive journey

Eugene Kim says:

Yes, you are right and that is the trend of the current consumer market.
Let's be honest, we as a consumer don't buy a product or in this case a driver because they go longer or they are more accurate, even if they do, what's the big deal. We are not going to hit 10 yards farther and we are not going to hit more fairway every round. We as a consumer buy things because of the joy we get from a new product or the fact that we are keeping up with the market. It's a vicious cycle.

A little example, I don't even know which driver I use. I bought it from Callaway HQ in Carlsbad, California about six years ago after being properly fitted. To this day, I hit my driver much longer and much more accurately than any driver I try at my local PGA Superstore. Shaft length at 44.25 inches with 8.5 degrees loft. No one uses shaft this short why? because when the swing machine tests, ball goes much farther when it's hit using 45.5 inches. I feel much more comfortable and calmer using shorter shaft and can really swing at it with confidence. 44.25 I get 114 mph swing speed and with 45.5 inches I got 108 mph.

Find something comfortable for yourself and get fitted. The only way you can increase the ball speed.

Baha Lee says:

Thank you for showing actual ball flight.

oli266 says:

Great review. Thanks

Hrannar Hauksson says:

I totally agree and just bought a brand new M4 D-Type driver for 180 pounds (half price) to replace my trusty old 2003 Callaway Great Big Berta II 415 🙂 Callaway actually does have cheaper driver for sale here in Europe called XR Speed. Very nice looking driver but nobody seems interested in testing it. I found very few reviews on it and the famous YouTube golfers seemingly have no interest. Sells for 255 pounds here in Iceland.

Steve Mahr says:

Totally agree that they are ridiculously priced. I got fitted for Callaway XR Speed last year and couldn't be happier with it. Never hit further and straighter.

Peter Martinaitis says:

Absolutely spot on if you're going to spend £500 on one club get professionally fitted by a club maker not some sales rep from American Golf.

Jason McLean says:

You make perfect sense I have to M3 golf driver from last year I think the M5 won’t be no longer than the M3 think they’re building a driver for the tour player not the consumer anymore

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