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With the New Launch of the NEW 2019 TITLEIST T-SERIES IRONS
I Give you my thoughts and opinions on the New t100 t200 and T300 to see where they fit in todays market.

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Suzi C says:

I'm about to order T300's. I've had a fitting, the stats defo show the T300's to suit my game but as I'm off a handicap of 7 I'm beginning to get a bit het up that they're a game improvement iron? Should I not be bothered or am I choosing the wrong clubs? My goal is to get my handicap right down, I've spent the winter working hard on my game so I'm hoping to see results. Any advice gratefully received! Thanks in advance.

Andy Goodman says:

Great review man. No BS. Subscribed.

Brad Farley says:

They said yeeeesssss ?

Jason Bryant says:

Great video as always. I just realised that its no wonder you are doing long drive – your neck to shoulder muscles in this video are insane!!

Donny Embleton says:

Great honest review Simon. Had the original p790's and went to the new version recently but not loving them like the originals. Wondering what your thoughts were on the T200 as a possible replacement. Cheers!

Ryan says:

620 cb's are so smooth with the right shaft.. best clubs ever

Chris Blewitt says:

Love the honesty mate. Great review. Agree, numbers don't tell me much for someone playing off scratch.

Just bought a set of t200. They felt amazing in the fitting. Never thought I'd buy Titleist, but just felt soooooo good off the face.

scottish118 says:

You rock dude. Keep on doing your channel this way. I love the other guys, but you always bring a fresh and honest prospective.

Paul Brown says:

Had a few years off golf with kids etc but next year is the year i make my comeback. My Mizuno MP67s though still beautiful are not what i need any more so went to hit a few different ones today. Tried some P790s and MP20 MMCs but the T200's were my favourites which was surprising as i'm a bit of a Mizuno snob. I'll play off about 6 but it's through boring straightness rather than length so these may well be just the ticket. I will try the T100's aswell before i buy anything but the T200's had a huge sweetspot that felt fantastic so i'd recommend giving them a try if you're a decent player but not the longest.

ggk k says:

Love this man's reviews no BS…… tells it like it is.

Iqbal Kathrada says:

What a swing dude !

andrew lovett says:

Top review as always good insight to range will definitely to look at these in second hand market in couple of years bargain hunting

Good Vibes says:

Forget the numbers they don’t mean anything ??????

Christian Melgar - Coldwell Banker Realty says:

I really liked your review. Seems honest and not trying to show off with your swing but more of an explanation about the clubs.. I know what I’m buying tomorrow! Lol

John Barron says:

Loving the honesty, for an improving golfer it’s always great to see

Huw chardon says:

Simon you remind me of someone
Vicki Butler-Henderson from 5th gear.
Love your reviews great channel.

Jeffrey Thames says:

Great video

Peter Dowding says:

AP2’s look and feel much more premium than the T100’s . From a single figure handicapper

Insufficient Funds says:

Love your authentic vids man. Best subscription on YT I have

Chris Barrett says:

Good honest review in truth looking at dry ball data posted by pros really is waste of time for your mid handicap golfer like me. Just think the prices for new irons have gone a bit crazy ?

stormzy aoe says:

Anyone else think they are ugly clubs? Cant ever see myself having them in the bag just through the look let alone if they preform good

mike hunt says:

What were titleist thinking with these new irons? They look rubbish!

Roy Scott says:

Great review as usual Simon. Could you please have a look at Titleist’s utility irons as well.

Peter Iles says:

Just a question Simon I’m a senior with a16 handicap with a swing speed of 80 mph and would love to try some Titliest clubs old and new but not sure what I should look for any information is welcome , asking because you always give us YouTube lookers an honest take cheers mate ??️‍♂️

Craig Weeke says:

Not sure which set would be a good match for me. I am 67 years old. Handicap 9.2. T2 driver goes about 240-260 ( sometimes 270 yards) 11.5 degrees of loft on the club. My club head speed for my driver is 95-100 MPH

Adam Mellick says:

Good review….Crossfield’s review was basically an infomercial. Will keep my Srixon 785s in the bag in any case. ??

Thomas Chumley says:

One of our pros has a set of T100s, and even though as a 21 handicap, they are Not meant for me, when I Square one up on the center of the face (very rarely!) the feel was straight up Oh My God! Can’t wait to try the T300s!

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