Honiton Golf Club Matchplay

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Honiton Golf Club Matchplay with Mark Crossfield, Coach Locket Matthew Lockey playing against Kevin Harper and James Prichard. This is part 1 of a 18 hole matchplay battle with many twists and turns along the way. Play your best golf watching Mark Crossfield and his fun easy to watch golf videos.


Mark Crossfield says:

Part 1 of the megamatchplay for anyone who missed it. Pt 2 7pm tonight.

Honiton Golf Club Matchplay: http://youtu.be/U1y3AE81OQY

Braden Cline says:

Mark I’m only 10 years old but I still love watching you lockey Rory and
the crew 

alan frazer says:

Why does this Crossfield guy get any views? He is like an annoying Jimmy
Mallet. For those too young that means a tosser in clown’s clothes

graham streek says:

Sorry Mark but the bunker shots so funny.

GrandaddyCrunk says:

Please keep doing these 18 hole course vlogs Mark, extremely educational
and entertaining!

grapedrank says:

Coach Lockey is such a good sport in all these videos, good attitude and
fun playing partner!

stop94motion says:

mark – good shot
ohh thats bunker
yep bunker
mark – nah thats perfect

mark – ohhhhhh bunker :(

alan frazer says:

Who plays on artificial mats? Might as well as add temp greens. Not even

Theguitarwhiz says:

any know what these guys are playing off? are they all scratch.. I’m
guessing their very near it atleast!

Andy Wit says:

Not that this is a bad video, and I do enjoy your uploads Mark. But this is
the definition of
slow play. Move it along you old clog. And yes, i meant to say CLOG not

don blem says:

“shields down, we’re in!” LOL!

Kevin mc donnell says:

hahahaha #longballlockey 

Simon Berry says:

Members getting impatient at 20:22 with a ball rolling up to just behind
James whilst taking his shot! #nothingmatters

PaveLowExpert says:

Lockey and Kevin carrying their teams? Interesting..

gottalaughsometimez says:

#longballlockey maybe I could be the girl version of you? Haha. Be my coach
would you?

Samw says:

Keep doing videos like these please!

Julien Lucas says:

you remind me a bit of Timmy Mallet. no offence meant

thegallerian says:

3rd round if the PGA and I’m watching this!

Evan Morrison says:

13:23-13:40 HAHAHA!!! Wow man that sucks

XXBattlefield207 says:

The audio needs to be fixed on this video really badly!

Kevin Gray says:

Who would unlike this video?

Stefan Z. says:

How many James’ are there?

aaron sinclaire says:

crossfield and lockey vs gorilla and flower

darshan senthi lohanath says:


Brian Ford says:

LOL #lockeylongball #lockeywave

Derek Macdonald says:

Great watching you chaps.. You really look like you are having fun. A
great advert for golf!!!!

TheOperation22 says:

you really did have a “bunker mentality” today mark 🙂 great vid as always

HeidisBrother says:

Crossfield shield! LOL. Harper playing the 825’s??

AnEnormousBBFan says:

Matt hit a great putt that should have gone in. He was very unLockey!

Rich Cranium says:

“First time on video and he birdies, rude.” 

Jan Van Schalkwyk says:

#longballlockey !!!

Jason Bowles says:


You’ll get em in the next part of the video!

Matt Combs says:

Next time the guys in my group bomb one by me I’ll be sure to use the “I
must’ve taken the wrong line” excuse like Crossfield. 

leandrogutierres says:

This video is so GOOD, Mark! Keep it on going!!! Cheers.

Lee Gray says:

Do all you guys always use stand/carry bags? I see #parfield uses a push
cart just most people in my club use push carts and I’m regularly the only
guy with a stand bag in my 4 ball. #longballlockey

Adam Gunn says:

Where is THE James Diamond?

Daithi G says:

Good craic lads man that was some putt by Pickard early on only to have
Lockey sink his and take the shine off it, You should of did a piece on
bunker play alright you wer in that many I find once you go into one expect
too be in a few for your round, these longer vlogs are much better maybe
you`s could explain more about how you would go about setting up to
different shots don`t mean every shot but the odd one here and there

Digby Howis says:

Harper gives it as good as he gets

Evan Morrison says:

21:36 wow can’t catch a break!

Adrian Caiola says:

What’s up with the tee boxes

Sebastian Litchfield says:

Great vid, Mark. Thanks

Jordan Austin says:

you guys are good!!!!!

grungyump says:

James’ swing is identical to Webb Simpson’s. Very fun to watch from here in

Jeff Schroth says:

“Steve likes a cuddle… I miss Steve…” oh lordie been laughing for a
while now

Michaud Venant says:

too much fun dudes 🙂 too much fun

Jackson La says:

Love it #bearwith 

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