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This video discusses the latest HONMA irons as now used by Justin Rose, these incredible irons are just being tested and will soon be tested against some of the greatest irons to ever come out of Japan all new for 2019.

So if your after a new set of golf clubs, and are currently using either a Mizuno, PXG, Srixon then this iron is really worth a go.

So have your say on which clubs you would like to see this iron compared against and lets look forward to more golf clubs being made like this in 2019.

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Jason Little says:

Good video guys. Nice to see you saying Honma instead of Homna (although big Ron did let one Homna slip at the end haha). What about adding Vega into the comparison mix. They are a beautifully made set of clubs as well. I love watching their video on how they make the heads. I have a set of VC01 and VC03 which you are welcome to use. They are older irons but they still have these in their line up now.

Paul McGee says:

If you both have colds take some Beechams

walton market says:

as a follow up to my previous comment I tried what you say about the right elbow and I hit 50 balls only 2 really bad shots. Strike was very good. 8 Iron into wind range balls about 130 yds. I was not hitting as hard as I would like but the BONUS was that I could WALK normally this morning which is very unusual for me after hitting golf balls. a pain free morning for me so thanks for that alone. It just shows that I must be doing something very bad in my swing that aggravates my back and right hip… just subbed and rang that bell..

Juan Colmenares says:

Finally, a review in English! Please do the driver as well

Ben green says:

I Remember seeing a set of shiny set of Honma clubs owned by Geoff Cotton ~ son of Henry Cotton ~ £2500 for 10 blades 1995 ? (Today’s value 15k) Golf boom days 150 000 rounds of golf going around his golf course / year on the best course……. another 18 holes plus 9 hole within the complex…….
My first car on the road cost £500 ~ different times

Randy Mahony says:

Why so expensive ? Are they gold filled?

goodswen mark says:

homna ebon muira chigara many more top but big money

Gavin Gunn says:

Very strong loft I prefer 7 iron 34/o

Glen Brige says:

Damn Russell I'd give my left nut to be able to swing like that… who am I kidding, I'd give up both… I think you could hit hickory shafts with that swing…. cheers bro

Monsoon says:

Had a set 15yrs ago…lowest cast model which was $2000 back then.

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