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Rob H says:

Dis sum Bagger Vance shiiiiiiit

OG Rock says:

4 minutes 27 seconds in, that tip changed my entire game. Thank you.

John Lo says:

It’s okay robin sticks and stone break my bones but names and words can never harm anyone. ? Iam glad you beginning to see positivity out of this good lad

John Lo says:

Why bother replying to my comments robin? It’s just my own individual opinion that’s all? Why you so worked up sunshine ? ?

John Lo says:

For all those who don’t know! The driving range matts will always give you the best lie therefore if you to take robins technique onto the course the results are going to be very different it’s not robins fault though ok just saying

Woden of the Angles says:

This is garbage. There's no target. The tall guy needs a proper lesson from a good pro to sort out his casting action from the top..

Birdie Gof says:

Nice to see George again. His swing looks so good now…transformed. Of course, Dave's reaction when he got it is gold! Great job Robin!

vinylspinner 07 says:

they look like a blind person swinging a club , fkin stupid

Samuel McCormick says:

What club are these guys using IE 5/6/7

Anemic Royalty says:

Sorry to bother you, this is the last time for a while I promise.

But when I can’t practice on the range will practicing with a foam ball in the yard do any good?

trigger kato says:

tried the no look shot today , my 7 iron was on fire , tried the 5 wood and again ..smashed it

Antony Senior says:

I’m struggling to get me head round this?it shouldn’t work but it seems to be working.your slowly changing the way I think about the golf swing. Keep it up?

Paul M says:

What a ridiculous statement. Imagine Rory, Justin and even Tiger will sack their coaches and instead take 1 lesson from you. Are you on either the European or PGA tours next year?

Reval14 says:

I love Robin! ?❤️

Kevin Callaghan says:

You are kidding about losing distance, but u do get it back and the shots r much more consistent.ive been trying your technique and it has improved my fave so much. I still can't hit the drive or 3 wood though any tips?

neil ward says:

hi robin ive been playing for two years and I am totally rubbish but I love the game . I think if I start working on your method I have a chance of improving hope you come up to Scotland  and it would be great to  meet

Baldvin Haraldsson says:

This is some interesting stuff!

How do I go about and book a lesson with you?

Do you have any contact information?

Mr Kipling says:

Its interesting how each person responds to the various techniques eh. Good to see George back in the lime light. When he does the walk in, he just kills it. Great stuff again Robin. Please dont be lured into the formal training camps a la tringulaid etc. They may offer the safety of brotherhood but as soon as that collar goes on, you'll lose the right to bark.

Hugh Rogers says:

Hi Rob. Been at the range with my boy and hitting a few. Penny is starting to drop, but I've been playing 25 years so a lot of ingrained stuff. I'm finding walking into the ball is helping me get to the 'swing not hit' mode. The only downside is some swings get lazy and sloppy and bad shots occur from that. I'm finding your suggestion about just 'thinking' draw is helping me draw. I pick a spot outside the ball and just try and swing to it. My attempts at fades go straight. Wow, that's a tough problem to have. But i've always been a much better ball striker on the range. The real test is if I can replicate on course.

Alex Burns says:

Any chance you could set up a patreon with the option of donation to see a full lesson mate?

Ian Jones says:

Hi found you on here Monday and instantly got results with this method after thinking about every part of my swing for years , I'm glad you mentioned losing a bit of distance to start with Ive found that , but I'm hitting it better than I ever have . Keep up the good work

Alistair Jones says:

Unreal, one of the best yet.

Monty7375. says:

Robin the magician does it again. Look out golf world, you are about to be utterly un-fucked ????

Privateeye 0007 says:

This is Sooooo difficult to drop the club and turn in one motion. ????

Triangulaid07 says:

Hi Robin, congratulations for what you are doing on YouTube. It helps golfers to understand how easy it could be to play golf ⛳️! However, it could be respectful to refer to where you get that from… Bill Owens created all the content you are using, in 1991 ! I work with Bill since 1995 and I spent a lot of my time sharing his discovery in France and in UK. I use all this with EuropeanTour players and beginners since last 23 years and I NEVER forget to mention Bill Owens’s discovery ! There are lots of new content around this great concept to make students play well on the course and I will be in UK ?? soon to share more about Triangulaid/FlowMotion Golf ⛳️. Let me know if you have any interest to know more about it and why not, join our Forces together to create millions of Happy ? Golfers ⛳️ !
Stephane Bachoz

justlovethisgame says:

Another game changing video, Robin! You're the man at the minute! You have given these lads something to live for, golf is a great game and these lads are maxing out their creative juices and just letting the swing flow! I'm hoping you can come over to Mali next year and inspire an African nation right here in Timbuktu. Good on ya mate, keep those vid's rolling, you are doing an incredible justice to this beautiful game of golf which has been held back by PGA Pro's for many years sitting in golf shops selling mars bars.

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