How A Math Teacher Became Jordan Spieth's Right-Hand Man | ESPN Stories

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Gene Wojciechowski explores the improbable journey former sixth-grade teacher Michael Greller and two-time major champion Jordan Spieth have shared.

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Jordon J says:

Two perfect shots Michael!

jin park says:

When things go well people tend to be grateful, but when it goes south it shows true color. Spoiled baster.

ve el says:

love how this is as much an UNDER ARMOR ad as it is a vid for this guy. under armor logo in 90% of shots lmao

tony ei says:

What a wife! Pushing him to his dreams.

STEEZ says:

my sister had him in middle school

Jimmy Bell says:

1 day i hope i grow up to be good enough to hold some1 else's bag 2.

Corek BleedingHollow says:

"Cheese looks a little saucy. I'd go with spoon." LOL

millennialz says:

I’m not crying you are

Windmeel says:

Both amazing men, love them both.

bigbadbruins1 says:

They are both class acts.The good people in golf

Jack Schwartz says:

I prefer happy Gilmore and Otto but that’s just me.

Hoosier Bassin says:

This gave me goosebumps

what ever says:

Water works.?

phiko72 says:

What an odd career when you think about it. His entire accomplishments stem from Jordan's. Not many jobs you can say that about.

Stephen Doty says:

Yes, a math teacher is a secret weapon. When you get on in 2, then 2-putt, he knows it's 4. And a ten foot putt will hole in two seconds if hit at a speed of 5 ft. per second.

Cameron Todd says:

He was my 6th grade teacher! Love that dude

Bill Paterson says:

Jack Nicklaus is the man for me but this was so inspiring to watch, gives such a sense of what the game means to so many of us around the world. I'm a wrinkly, reduced to hitting at the range these days, but I still dream.This lets me live my dream vicariously, many thanks for the upload, awesome story.

Neil says:

And I was waiting for a caddie position to open up on Craig's list!

Brandon Petrovia says:

Hot ass wife. Caddy’s don’t deserve any attention. Do a story on all the behind the scene people in sports. Skate sharpeners, tapers, etc. espn is a shithole.

eli braden says:

so much respect for caddies

Trey Middleton says:

In middle school a teacher was good friends with grilled and we got to meet him. Awesome person!

Irvin Lee says:

i think michael won the lottery on this one.  but i think jordan is also super loyal and meshes well with michael's personality.  just a different kind of great caddie compared to bones and williams etc

Chris Boustedt says:

At 1:39 i had all of those teachers?? mrs.Boutry… Mcgoldrick and Mrs. Flynn

MrTriplet says:

peter alliss will be getting hot right now

Tim Starnes says:

Happy Birthday to the man himself!

KryptoJay says:

he was a teacher at the school i went to!

BeastyEverything01 says:

Using His math skills, and knowing he is 6 yards perpendicular of the 180 yard marker, he can the perform a^2+b^2=c^2 to find the exact distance.

mike hunt says:

I can be a caddie too…."jordan you have 155 yards to the hole…grab your own god damn club."

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