How Close Should You Stand To The Golf Ball?

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Ever wonder how close you should stand to the golf ball? Wonder why standing too close could could cause you to stand up? Or why too far from the ball can cost you some distance? i go over that and more in this video!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Joe Perez says:

Excellent explanation. I can see that I've been too close to the ball with my driver.

Patrick Witherow says:

So you are probably about 6'+, but what about us 5'6" people, does this drill work for us too? I've always thought our hands should be above our toes?, thanks…

Daniel Bolliger says:

Thank you for the great and explicit explanation. will do this in my practice. many greetings from snowy Switzerland

1themex says:

Hey clay i need you to put on one of those 9 months pregnant suits. Than do this and all your other videos again. For us big guys. Lol great video

EnigmaOnStrings says:

Hey clay!
So what do you change we between a long iron and short iron? Just change stance width? Or ball position?

Thanks for everything!

thomas ross says:

First, Happy Birthday Jack Nicklaus! Clay being a club builder the first thing with irons is proper shaft length, & close to proper lie angle. Remember, Jack never soled the club. With the arms relaxed, proper grip bend at the hips to address the ball hovering club in a balanced position. A golf club is an extremely well balanced tool. I believe most golfers would be amazed how the club will rotate in a balanced arc in the proper address position.

Rick O'Shea says:

Just say ball, or club… no need to put the word golf in front of them all the time. Golf ball golf ball golf ball golf ball golf ball…. we know it's golf. I know I know It's just a petty pet peeve. ?

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